Not converted to neo-pagans

Do not become a "neo-pagans"I focussed the attention of those in the observation made here have repeatedly — though implicitly — the thesis that in the modern Russian Federation confrontation "Reds" and "snow-white" is a very special character and actually own is not the way looks in shape . We think that this is a dispute about the past, about the "commissars in dusty helmets" and "cornets Obolensky," but in fact this is a dispute about the future, which only addressed in the past. In British English has a special verb form, "the past in the future", past in future, — this is exactly what is at stake. Agree that there is, in the past, reconciliation "Reds" and "snow-white" is unrealistic — because the war was plain clothes, were reddish and snow-white Terror was a disaster "first wave" of emigration, etc., and the similar.

But I am sure that such a reconciliation "Reds" and "snow-white" — specifically as the "Reds" and "snow-white" — be unavailable for the foreseeable future. Since we have no "snow-white" view of our future, and the "reddish"The image of our future has faded in the middle of the 60s, almost half a century back. But there is a way of" rainbow "," pink and blue "of the future, presented by international and Russian liberal society, which, in fact, concerned at first, so that it species does not appear effective competitor.

In this "rainbow" project has an "reddish" and "white" band, they are part of the range, but it is not such a range. And those who sees its own benchmark in the Romanov empire, and those who sees its own benchmark in the Russian Union of Stalin's time, destined to move forward with the head turned not only reversed, and in different directions. This is embarrassing, and at bolshennomu account safe. Since our opponents stare specifically future. In future gaze of their internet and cell phones, gallakticheskie satellites and high-precision instrument. They know exactly what the future wish to myself, and what — for others, including for you and me.

Let's take a look at future, as it looked in the Stalinist Russian Alliance in the years of their own take-off. Let's follow the spirit, not shaped as letters. It is no secret that more than half of the officers of the royal army led war on the side of the "Reds" that such outstanding service Russian authorities as electrification plan, the Baikal-Amur Mainline, the Moscow-Volga Canal, hundreds and thousands of other completed projects — were designed and made by even in royal times. Yes, for the implementation of socio-economic framework of the Romanov empire was a bit crowded. Exactly as they were cramped for Sikorsky helicopters and television Zvorykina — projects implemented by Russian inventors outside of the Russian Union. In fact, even as the global Hollywood "dream factory" was invented and created by natives of the Russian Empire. Similarly, hundreds of thousands of Russian inventions not found the implementation of the planned economy and Western economies have been applied to the utility for it.

Now hundreds of billion or even trillions of dollars, purchased at the sale of non-renewable natural resources of our country, funneling the West, the United States, finding no introduction in the Russian economy, Russian industry and agriculture in the Russian science and, in modern terms, in the Russian service sector, in other words, in education and in health care. And we are not paying attention to it, we will continue to debate about who exactly gave the order to shoot the royal family, or what pieces of terrain Russian Entente promised Admiral Kolchak in the case of its own victory? All this, no one disputes, questions of principle, but the trees and the forest to build.

We can be proud of our past, but they do not have to put on airs. We have no right to deny our past, but just do not have the right to idealize it. We need to know exactly, just be aware of what is our strength and what is our weakness. In my opinion, the real patriotism — not whether to marvel at past achievements of our people and our country, and to provide all conditions for our present and future accomplishments, which would serve as the prototype and example for all of mankind.

Russian Empire was a kind of magnet for its neighboring nations who marched under the scepter of "snow-white czar" to save from external threats and internal strife. Russian Alliance offered to the world a model of society the highest social justice — a model that has affected not only the developing world, from Mongolia to Cuba from Nicaragua to China, and at the same Europe, Japan, the same, the same dollars.

Here is a vector which we need to develop, which can be quite a mix of union and "Reds" and "snow-white". Other options, in my opinion, no.

All you know about such a marginal ideological and political movements as "neo-paganism", which calls its own adherents in more remote from the real-time offered as a "golden age" of Russian history. For the "neo-pagans" Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavovych — far greater villain and enemy than Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Unity and harmony with nature still untouched, "natural morality" — seemingly worse than that variant Rousseauism? Yes, exactly that has no future.

I would not want to build a truly modern global liberalism opposing political forces are converted to marginal variations, like "neo-paganism" that we, unfortunately, often watched over the last quarter century. You can not just go to a demonstration with reddish flags or with imperial black-white-and-gold banners, you can not just repeat the mantra kommunisicheskie and monarchical — to create, to transform their own reality, their own accident and themselves.

Only then can we successfully — and not verbally, but in fact — to resist the implementation of a global liberal project.

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