Not for fame, special forces Vympel

Not for fame, special forces "Vympel"

At the end of December 1979, the Russian Army Special Forces and the KGB had a storm the residence of Afghanistan — Amin Palace in Kabul. The result of this operation was not only a change of the Afghan government, and the creation of the 1st of the most effective and massive divisions in the world.

Afghanistan because of their own profitable geographical position has always been at the center of attention superpowers, because it was the perfect base for military expansion. In the 70 years of the Afghan territory bordered on the territory of the USSR, the Russian government because it was necessary to maintain a friendly policy with the Afghan government. First, when the head of Afghanistan was Nur Mohammad Taraki, this policy had the power, but soon he was killed on the orders of his own teammate Hafizullah Amin. Plainclothes war enveloped the country, caused discontent of the population carrying out reforms. The new Afghan government was not keen to continue the policy of Taraki. But by the Soviets asked all the same. At the end of 1979 (December 25) to the Afghan countryside joined two groups — "Thunder" and "Zenith". They were made to storm the palace. They covered the soldiers' Muslim battalion. " Although the balance of power was uneven, they managed to capture the palace, and along with it all the government buildings, communication, television and radio. Died in the assault and Amin. Afghanistan became the new ruler of Babrak Karmal. Russian government was directly involved in the war, known in history as the "Afghan".

Not for fame, special forces "Vympel"

KGB general Yu.I.Drozdov, which and was the head of an illegal intelligence, Yuri Andropov, the report analyzed the results of the operation, also expressed the idea that the KGB special forces to do that would be used specifically to conduct similar operations. At the time, Andropov did not say anything, but Drozdov developed a detailed project which after a year of discussions, was adopted for implementation. August 19, he received a "good" for the creation of a special squad of sabotage and reconnaissance KGB.

Subdivision has been called "Vympel", and his men — the official status of "special forces intelligence officer." They were joining in just about everything — the ability to explore and opportunities to sabotage such Makar, fighter "Vympel" was actually to be ready for anything.

Not for fame, special forces "Vympel"

In the first years of activity in the squad perceived only officers who are in good shape, who know foreign languages, also have one or even several of higher education. Such harsh aspects of selection led to the fact that out of 100 candidates only 10 came.
Special Forces trained in all corners of the planet and in all weather criteria. Each fighter had to be able to work alone, to collect and deal with the necessary information to plan their future actions.

But all the same the main area of activity unit was specifically Afghanistan. Before the creation of "Vympel" in the Afghan countryside acted "Cascade", which has come to replace the "Omega". Within this group, there were nine combat units operating in the capital and in the provinces. Soldiers of the group not only collect data but also introduced in gangs, pitted between themselves mujahideen. "Vympelovtsy" were advisors to the Ministry of Security of special forces, although often became their commanders constituted a database with all the forces and enemy forces. These data have helped if not in negotiations, then follow in the successful planning of military operations.

Not for fame, special forces "Vympel"

But Afghanistan activities "Vympel" is not limited. The soldiers of the unit to operate in Mozambique, Angola, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Laos.

But it's special forces were operating in the area and the USSR. Soldiers of "Vympel" staged diversion conditional on fundamental strategic sites as part of military exercises. The last such exercise them — "Neman" — was held in 1983.

Not for fame, special forces "Vympel"

By the end of the 80s whole accumulations of "Vimpelcom" experience to be unnecessary. And only in the 90s commandos "Vympel" manifested themselves in the fight against terrorists and separatists.

In August 1991, the "Vympel" was going to celebrate its own 10th anniversary. But this was not destiny realized. 19 August of early in the morning on the radio message was transmitted to introduce a state of emergency in the country, that Gorbachev could no longer perform the duties of the President, because transfers all the reins of the State Committee for the Emergency Regulations.

Not for fame, special forces "Vympel"

And the men went to the Lubyanka units expected orders. First order is entered on August 20, and touched the assault white houses. But (according to some sources) fighters "Vympel" refused to do it. In fact, the order was officially canceled, so as coup did not know what to do. Besides attacking whitewashed house with riot police did not make any sense, because his only defense was the population rallied. Although Moscow were introduced tanks and armored vehicles, it is not used for its original purpose, and as the stands.

The only victims of the coup were three young men who tried to stop a column of military vehicles in the tunnel under the Garden Ring.
After the coup, there was the problem of affiliation unit. At first it was a part of the inter-republican security service, and later — in the Federal Security Agency, and after signing Boris Yeltsin ordered the formation of the Ministry of Security Squad went in full structure as a separate subdivision. Along with these movements commandos successfully made their new responsibilities — protecting environmentally sensitive and strategic concepts of objects and the fight against terrorism. Continued military exercises and the objects of which were Kalinin NPP and ice-breaker "Siberia."

It is worth to mention the assistance provided by the division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the operation to arrest Italian mafia with fake bucks, preventing the transport of radioactive waste from Yekaterinburg.

Not for fame, special forces "Vympel"

Meanwhile, the country built up a confrontation between the president and the Supreme Council. The referendum structural reforms, which led to the impoverishment of the people who signed the decree on the reform, as a result of which the President of the Constitutional Court stripped the right of power — all this led to conflicts, demonstrations, mess. A 4 October 1993 were made and the first shots. Stormed the white houses, in which the fighters were planning to use "Vympel" and "Alpha". Now the order has not been canceled. On the contrary, it confirmed Yeltsin personally. But riot police have refused to take part in the massacre, and returned only after the Chief GUO threatened to disband the two units are also assured that the die is nothing innocent people. The commandos only helped make the wounded without shooting any one of their party-opponents.

And yet along the white House was conducted aimed fire, and even rumors that live there will come no one. Because the command "Vympel" and "Alpha" have decided to enter into negotiations with the management of the defenders of the House. The condition was one thing — surrender in exchange for security. Commander "Vympel" managed to get about 100 people, and after a while — another 700. Later, accompanied by soldiers of these units came out and the leaders of the defense.

Such actions do not forgive Yeltsin. And although no repression was not followed, the men of this was not easy. The President conveyed "Vympel" yurispundentsiyu under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as 278 riot police immediately wrote a letter of resignation. After learning about what spetsy jobless, arrived in Moscow by representatives of security agencies of America with lucrative offers, but "vympelovtsy" did not take them. Later, they became employees of SEI, MOE, FSK, and those who ran all the same to the police, made a detachment of "Vega".

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