Not only the Serbs want to become citizens of the Russian Federation, and the Russian …

Not only the Serbs would become citizens of Russia and Russian ...Dr. Valery Rastorgouev refusal of the Russian Federation to provide Kosovo Serbs Russian citizenship …

"What kind of truth are you talking about? Did God every day does not give us a hundred times more than we are able to return to Him? But he does not complain of the ingratitude. What kind of law are you talking about? Are you capable to perform that small debt that the law asks of you? Can you consider yourself a citizen, and not what a hero or a saint? "

St. Nicholas the Serbian
"Thoughts on Good and Evil"

I. The Kremlin's reaction.

This text I started writing a couple of weeks back. But aside to finish after the Russian authorities will respond to the request of the Kosovo Serbs Russian citizenship. His hopes that before the elections not only the ruling, and had no rights, right and wrong, and respond together to ponder — at least at the level of the pre-election slogans and promises. And then let us reason — for whom to vote. And if you are born mature thought to help the Serbs, and you can press the power assist her in choosing a political solution of the real support of our brothers. And in the end, just received a long-awaited official information: "Appeal of Kosovo Serbs in the Russian management to grant them Russian citizenship can not be granted under the rules of Russian law on citizenship" … This was at the briefing said dryly official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry . There is now an opportunity to express opinion about the nature of the problem and the position of the control of the Russian Federation. But at first the position.

In 1-x, great news is that response is received that contains at least some justification for a hopeful milestone: President gave instructions to provide critical assistance to Kosovo Serbs (MES plane loaded with food and basic necessities are oriented in Serbia) . Basically, that is saturated search for "political and diplomatic means to promote the legitimate rights and interests of the Serbs living in Kosovo." Let us hope that these neutral words and formulas on a political will and long-term strategy, not only in Kosovo, and in respect of the Slavic issues in general.

In-2, and the Serbian disaster proclamation of Kosovo Serbs to have assured the Russian Federation, it seems, all the thinking of people: Slavic vector of external and internal Russian policy should be the focus of the government and civilian society. Must have for the simple reason that the Russian superethnos unnaturally fragmented that it can not and should not last forever, and Eastern European Slavic countries, which have become one of the more important parts of the ethno-cultural EU has a specific historical and civilizational ties with Russia. Most of the Slavic peoples — our fellow believers, our brothers. For their freedom and independence of Russia's shed a lot of blood. Over the postwar period we have built a single economic and political, legal and cultural space, and the vast majority of the Slavs to nedavneshnego time understood the Russian language and to use it as a language of international communication. It would be madness to lose everything at once. But before that day or even a plan for the development of such an important and priority policy was not in sight. This is what we have read as not so long ago in connection with the fate of the world's only academic and educational center of the Slavs — State Academy of Slavic culture, which is about 20 years ago, took over the goal recreate one of the cultural and educational areas of the Slavic states ("monstrous pressure on the Academy of Slavic Culture comes from its inception "). Until now, a satisfactory solution to the upcoming Academy, which is threatened with closure, has been found, although there is little progress. By the way during those fateful days when NATO bombed Belgrade armada, students and teachers Gask on his knees praying in the house church at the Academy for the Serbs …

B-3, is important military nuance prepyadstviya. Everyone knows that "the Balkan conflict" which has long called powder keg of Europe — this is almost the worst pain point in world politics for all the latest and modern history. Hunt to believe that in recent years we know now laid a long-term foreign policy strategy with a pronounced Slavic vector, and taking into account the risks associated with the Balkan factor that is most relevant and to ensure public safety of the Russian Federation, and to the realization of the Eurasian project. About this nuance of the geopolitical game more than once reminded the notorious and Zbigniew Brzezinski. For example, "chessboard", he read specifically about the Eurasian Balkans, which are placed on both sides inevitably emerging transportation network designed to connect "on a more regular direct richest regions of Eurasia and the most industrialized areas of the West with the last point of the East." It is regrettable, but the fate of not only the Balkans, and all Slavic nations and peoples was, in fact, a bargaining chip in politics, where the erstwhile role of the Russian Federation clearly weakened by an order of magnitude, while the left is exactly the moment when the the threat level exceeds the limit. Many Slavic countries are now posted on the "line of fire" in the case of a likely deterioration of relations between Russia and the EU. The Georgian conflict is fully revealed how realistic such a turn of events: now good partners, tomorrow the war. Transformation of the Slavic states in a minefield — is, in fact, nothing more, as refined and modernized form of political and Slavophobe russophobia — diseases that were typical of old times, as you know, almost all Europeans.

Against the background of these problems from the Foreign Ministry response is somewhat vague and distant, in fact — he makes the wrong impression that the problem is removed, but in fact did not even put tribute to fashion. This applies not only to its geopolitical and military qualities, and purely domestic policy. The fact that the law on citizenship — not a constitution that is difficult, and sometimes impossible, and corrected. In any case, the law — not sent down above is true, that refer to him as a last resort. Laws — all just tools which is in the hands of the legislator. And the tools can and should be improved in the interests of the country, its people, citizens, and against the will of artificially torn away from home, also in the interests of those foreign people who want to get Russian citizenship. This is useful to recall the legislature before the election: let the candidates and parties will answer favorites like going to solve new puzzles, one of which — the unhealthy Serbian topic. If you do not want or can not — no one in power does not drive, not on Senka cap.

A good law should foresee the possibility of solving the problems of this kind: we are not for the laws, and the laws for us. I myself have a couple of years in the theoretical and practical qualities of the functioning of the legal institution in Russia. In the late 90s he participated in the development and work of the Expert Council of the Presidential Commission on Citizenship (Law Business O.E.Kutafin and A.V.Seregin). Unfortunately, this advice was not brought before the work started by the end of the constant shifts in leadership. But the theoretical background was very entertaining: scientists, politicians and lawmakers for the first time to work in tandem. For this reason,
I give myself to report how our laws are far from the demands of the time. And the question of Kosovo Serbs and their request, even though it has the usual solutions in the framework of the current legislation (especially because the Serbs themselves are not going to leave their land and move to Russia), but is a stark challenge requiring a decent, reasonable and fairly rapid response.

II. Reaction of.

Now the main thing — the spiritual, metahistorical sense of what is happening. I know that among those who joined the Orthodox of standing majestically in the days of stay Belt of the Virgin in Moscow, many prayed for the persecuted brethren in the faith. These ordinary people are Orthodox, days to overcome the temptation to heat and their own weakness, have already made their own choices about the way the civilization of — choice, which is the value and cleanliness is not comparable with the elections — not yet passed, but absorb all the filth imaginable politicized society. This state seemed to sober political public, and if not sober, or at least scare: fear of God familiar to everyone. So thought, for sure, and the Serbs, who understand, in general, the value of speech and democracy …

Kosovo Serbs democratic world has not given up anything and, at first, the right of exported democracy. This stuff is not bad. Sorry standards of democracy, violated its "privatizers", but that's another matter. The reason for the devaluation of standards is clear and prosaic, and democracy is nothing to do with it. Just at the turn of 1000 lety happened overproduction "democracies to export" — with supplies for a century, but with a shelf life up to the first political thaw. And the product smells bad and is decomposed into components — heresy and violence. Not refuse "producer good" Serbs and the right to protection as nobody refused. No need to even ask — they will come and bring it. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people killed and tortured by toddlers and young men, women and the elderly (slandered by the dedicated men and warriors no one believed) lie in his native land — Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya … It came out with them just because of their right to "defend" strangers-civilize — first, scalp-hunters grandchildren, eager for freedom. Protz midst of today's guardians of freedom met, they say, conscientious miners who were offering only high quality product. So there were in their notions of honor, integrity, and even of the true faith.

But we do not seem to belong to a similar civilizing can respect those same "unipolar" Yankees that will allow anyone to destroy their own people with impunity wherever they may be. You can respect and Russian politicians who want to raise the status of Russian citizenship on the model of the United States (nedavneshny example — to protect our pilots, who were arrested in Tajikistan). Maybe Kosovo Serbs and thought that our homeland, giving them citizenship, will take some of the responsibility for their safety. For them it is essentially because the democratic world denied them solely on one thing — the right to life, to the land, for the future of their own people. In order not to call genocide genocide, Prof. killer dubbed its peacekeeping operation that will last to the end. Until recently, the Kosovo Serbs. In this there is no hesitation. It is foolish to turn to werewolves with a request to abandon double standards, do not drink blood, not put up for sale bodies of those whom they are baked, because werewolves do not recycle, but they are not to blame, in fact: so were born or after the appeal. Do not judge a pervert now, for thus they are destined to, allegedly, written, and judge those who condemn. Werewolves civi-divided the world into civilized peoples and barbarians (donors), identifying themselves to the caste of the arbitrators, separating the good, but not evil (they are on the side), and from its beneficial owners, as to the caste of the hypocrites, surveyors conducting the boundaries between his and others. Take a look at the political map, and all doubts will disappear, become immediately clear who and what drew boundaries. Because the Serbs and called for help, not for citizenship for his executioners, and to the Russian in the last hope that someone has not passed a school werewolves.

Can Russian realize Serbs? Naturally. Russian this chemistry (decomposition into components of democracy) are also well known, except perhaps that the "external security", while God was merciful. Do not heed the Russian "good advice" about the need to abandon the bill and re-pre-war race in favor of the creation of a single "anti-terrorist" West Russian military machine — tips, constantly going from Yablokov peacekeepers and Masonic Party, which shows if not lucky, the power of the masons ( Prokhorov even ate with giblets — money). Russian democracy to that sniffed — those who survived, of course. But perish with Yeltsin era and for many years to become a true minister of health and care for the children, mothers and the elderly in our country away those long since eclipsed the number of victims who died in the global war. On the days of the conference was on the National Academy of Sciences "From the USSR to Russia: 20 years of results and lessons learned." In the middle of the organizers of the seven (!) RAS institutes. Leading scientists, well-known academics who understand the value of words, graphs showing deaths and operated by numbers: hundreds and hundreds of thousands, millions, ten of millions of …

Russians are leaving life in many ways — from the stench of heresy and treason, from the "available" Medicine and lime farmatsevtsii. They are sold on the organs, and the unborn, but sentenced cut (by law!) From the mother's womb. Veterans and elderly poison and suffocate buyers of homes in the middle of which there is a real war for markets. Statistics silent about the victims of this brutal war and hourly — or did not dare let go of lips, or died. For the unborn hunt "family planners" and the same pharmacists (Our homeland — the world's favorite for the production and sale of "bio-waste" — raw materials for the production of drugs, allegedly prolonging the years of those who are able to pay). For the born-and family hunt juvenile monsters that have turned into hell much of Europe, where the children selected for various reasons, and even without an explanation of circumstances of mothers and fathers transmit perverts on education. Need I go on? Outrageous ignorance has taken over the management of science and education, loan sharking perched on his narrow shoulders care of Russian progress and modernization, and an indispensable manager already took care of the state (up nedavneshnego time) energy, and about innovations and nanotankah for reforming our army …

Reading the proclamation of the Serb intellectuals to the President to grant Russian citizenship Kosovo Serbs, I realized I heart the meaning of their message. It is addressed not only to the authorities of Serbia, although righteous rebuke obvious, not so much today the President of the Russian Federation, but a ray of hope, perhaps, in their souls there (there was also adequate and courageous response to the destruction of the Ossetians) and not so much for us, today's citizens of, as to the Lord. Only His mercy knows no bounds, in contrast to our flawed and, in most cases, far-fetched or ostentatious charity, which at times is worse than pride: "I want — a good cry, I want — trample." Come and support the Serbs from individuals or organizations from time to time is not clear, demonstrative character: Why do not recall for myself, not to show mercy, do not recommend the Serbs to develop Siberia, for example? But none of us is asking for handouts, and mercy, and do not require land — we are asked the other: to be human, worthy of its own as Protz. Do we deserve to
be called Russian? — That is the question. And the honest answer, although it is known to all, many skoroblivaet.

If the Great Russians, the Russian people as a whole, have forgotten the meaning of its own as the common name (fruit Russophobian despotism and bloody struggle with Russophobes contrived danger of "Great Russian chauvinism", and in our days are — with the liberal horror story "Russian fascism"), then whether he is able to understand the pain Kosovo Serbs? If people took for granted their own dismemberment and etching of the Russian language — the greatest creations of many generations of Great Ukrainians, Belarusians and many other nations, can he stand up for the Kosovo Serbs, who are required "only" has forgotten his homeland to steel doors Europe opened for that part of the country, which they were allowed to keep? It's a tough question. To answer it, you must first overcome pride, replacing repentance and faith. To humble our pride, it is useful to repeat the Prayer of St. Athanasius the Homeland (Sakharov), "Do not we have kept the first love for you, the Bridegroom of our souls, our Vladytse and benefactor to our Moms of the Orthodox Church and Her statutes to our Fatherland, Holy Russia and its holy sites, to the memory of our fathers and pious custom and legacy of their ancestors. "

Proclamation of the Serbian intelligentsia, as well as the petition itself the Kosovo Serbs to the Russian imperative vertical perceived by many as the incident: indeed, what is the appeal to the emotions of the brotherly people who put an equal sign between civilization and the market? One of the most pochetaemyh (no drama) favorites of the Russian Federation proposed to build the case even with brotherly Ukraine, for example, "civilized, ie on the basis of market relations. " I think that this slip of the tongue, but not rare slip of the tongue, in the spirit of the time. For this reason, talking about the development or re-establishment of a common home — the Eurasian Union, the leaders of the States concerned do not go into "philosophical jungle", and start and end arguments in favor of the project links to the naked economic benefit to the owners — "creeping benefit" in its most simple interpretation, as do the "teacher" — Europeans civilizing.

The main question that Kosovo Serbs set of, in my opinion, fundamentally important for us: whether to recall the civilizing mission of the Russian Federation people, a measure of pluses for the dimensions of which are state, and the measure of love, lack of love — naked calculation? There can not be a fraternity, if your brother — Big Brother, well, then, as he is strong and rich. Not because Russia itself today, usury and selling, but only on God's mercy and His love for RF can expect the Kosovo Serbs. If God really loves Russia (as it may be different when the story itself — evidence of that), then let reason with Mother Russia in its current form! 20 years ago I wrote a little book, "For God loves Russia?", And from that time looking for the answer. I know that He knows better than we do. But one thing is clear: He does not like our municipal car — usually a ruthless, but also forever be tagged and dull, and our homeland, not Gornji has forgotten about the homeland. He loves and people, has not lost faith and has not forgotten that the Russian — not a nationality, and service. The evidence for this — Orthodox majestically standing, and in fact — the confrontation evil in all its guises. And let the "lesser evil" screaming in our ears: "Choose me, I will serve as for you!" There is no evil and malice ways to heart, open to the Lord. And the help of people-brothers will not deter other nations from the Great Russian Federation, including the Islamic confession, if not repelled, and in the old days, as their Russian and attracts not unbelief and indifference, and the good and enlightened Orthodox faith, not a weakness, but fortitude.


Pondering in the words of fellow Serb, I caught a seditious thought to myself: I am a citizen of, do not feel that way. I swore an oath to office, deprived of the Russian Federation, and still am a citizen of the Russian Federation which laid forgotten. But I will never recognize the legitimacy of the division of land of my Protz, even if the authorities and later accustom people to respect the constitution, and do not recognize the constitution itself, if it will seek from me oblivion. And the Serbs, I believe, think and dream about the Russian Federation, which I think.

Please Kosovo Serbs of — it is, in fact, requested the Russian Federation to become Russia, to return to the beginning of memory for itself. And it's not even a request, but something incomparably greater — belief.

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