Not that the president is not the Pharaoh

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi felt like a pharaoh. And not only felt, and appointed. No, he did not go to Tahrir Square and sent messengers on towns and villages to alert the proper people about it. Now, in the 2nd decade of the XXI century, these things are made much easier.

Not that the president is not the Pharaoh

November 22 sovereign Mursi unveiled the latest constitutional declaration (This is a document that in Egypt temporarily replaces the basic law of the country). In it, he, without further insidiously, has secured the exclusive opportunities. Or the president has decided that his outstanding political figure, just make peace between Israel and the Gaza Strip (which responded ecstatically in the U.S.), everything is allowed, or decided that his act on the successful completion of a background of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where both sides believe himself the victor, just jump unnoticed.

But what still struggling to 20011, the Egyptians? Is it for the fact that on the presidential throne risen ghost friend of Mubarak?

On the same day the Constitutional Court of Egypt sat down to study the question of how to correctly render the impeachment of the president of the country — with the wording: for violation of the oath and the undermining of the constitutional foundations. After the impeachment, which probably would have found support from former revolutionaries sovereign Mursi could even be planted in the same cell with Mubarak. Without a doubt, they would have found a suitable topic for long conversations …

The procedure for removal from office of the head of state, according to the constitutional rules of international law may be running a constitutional tribunal on special grounds: for example, for municipal treason and other serious criminal misdeeds, for breach of the constitution. Well, it would seem, Mursi broken — that is difficult? It is time to initiate — and judge.

But nedodemokraticheskom Egypt is not so simple. The complexity of the local situation is the fact that the country's basic law does not apply to March 2011: After the Revolution and the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces stopped the action of the Constitution, and the newcomer to this day has not been developed. This much and enjoyed M. Mursi.

Egyptian opposition (for example, well-known figures such as Amr Moussa, Mohamed ElBaradei, Hamdin Sabbah) after the news of the president nvoatsiyah had a critical meeting, and then claimed from Mursi cancel his amendment to the Constitutional Declaration. Also, the opposition called for a national dialogue, the aim of which would be the formation of the modern constitutional commission: from Morsi earlier stubbornly refuses. In the Commission, which acts at the moment — very often the Islamists. Recall that the very Mursi — comes from the "Muslim Brotherhood" and the movement he left only formally, after winning the election.

What did do? Egyptian opposition members are now studying several scenarios in the country can be organized general civilian disobedience campaign. Another option — life-long strike at Tahrir and other main squares in the provinces. A third option is a vote of no confidence in the president.

The critical meeting held in Egypt and the Board of Arbitrators. Judges dubbed recent decrees Mursi 'assault on the rule of law and the judiciary. "

But the president will not give up that easy. The fact that the former revolutionaries, now again remembered the old, behave illogically. After all, its amendments to the Constitutional Declaration Mursi will fight and defeat these enemies just for the sake of preserving the gains of the revolution.

Configurations give President of the exceptional opportunities specifically for the "defense of the revolution", depriving the courts to dissolve the upper house of parliament and the Constitutional Commission, is developing a new basic law of the country. Also in the Constitutional Declaration made provision under which any laws and decrees signed Mursi since assuming the presidency, can neither be challenged nor canceled. At the same time introduced a new procedure for designation and Attorney General of Egypt: now he is appointed by presidential decree for 4 years. Mursi has embodied his new self-proclaimed right. Attorney General has Talgat Ibrahim.

Two recognizable adviser to President Mursi were amazed: their democratic president at one point became pharaoh. Both of them immediately abandoned his post. Smart: Who can recommend Pharaoh? It's like recommending the Sun.

The first left post your own writer and spokesman Samir Morkus Coptic Church, and it was followed by publicist Sakina Fouad. Both explained to his reluctance to participate demarche in violation of the fundamental law of the country. Fuad S. allocated:

"Based on the decisions taken, the president does not need anyone's advice."

And one of the members of the opposition, Mohamed El-Baradei wrote in microblogging:

"Today AM Morsi usurped all mandatory features and proclaimed himself the new pharaoh of Egypt."

Opposition members support former senior member of the organization "Muslim Brotherhood" Tarvat al-Kerbavi:

"It is unacceptable for M. Mursi behave as if he is a god."

In Alexandria, a fight broke out and were clashes between opponents and supporters of Mursi. More than 25 people were wounded. In Cairo, the open conflict was avoided, and the situation is under control of the authorities. But the opposition has already announced that she would hold a "march of millions", similar to those that took place during the revolution in the spring of 2011.

Can the revolution in Egypt to get the extension?

Mursi, seems to believe what is not.

November 25, the president of Egypt made a formal announcement. He said that the decrees of expanding its capabilities — are temporary. (Mursi do not need much, 30 years as Mubarak, we would add). The president called his enemy to dialogue for the return of political stability.

In a statement posted reported, that giving the president himself new features "are not focused on the concentration of power" in the hands of the head of the country, and is foreseen in order to ensure that they are following the transfer of a democratically elected parliament. Another Mursi this method lusted to achieve apolitical judicial system.

Still — when a huge part of that system assigned superprezident, which has been called in the press, and the "new Mubarak" and "Mursalini" and "Pharaoh" — where will the "politic", if one can solve all the people?

"The president stressed the temporary nature of the measures, aimed not at the concentration of power, and to prevent attempts to undermine the democratically elected government and maintain impartiality of the judiciary", — says the communiqué.

So, all the authori
tarianism serves only the interests of democracy.
Well, what? Operates the same in America and will be extended every year NDAA (National Defence Act), which allows extrajudicial detain opponents of the country — just enough to call either of the other members of the human race by terrorists and spies. National Defense Authorization Act allows the government to keep people for life U.S. custody. South American NDAA directly violates the Constitution (Amendment VI).

Also in democratic America acts Defense act authorizing John Warner of 2007. It allows the U.S. president to declare "state of emergency" to send troops to any point in the country and take control of their own government with the help of the State Guard, without the consent of the governor or local authorities — with that purpose in order to "suppress the disturbance of public order."

In the end, in the United States at any moment can be enacted Ordinance on food resources, extended March 16, 2012 This law updated the imperative features of the president. Upon entry into force of the order the president has the right to take control of all municipal sources of energy, including oil and natural gas, gain control of all civilians in transportation and even provides the possibility of reintroduction of conscription to the merits of both military and non-military objectives of the country.

Next to these decrees and acts of the amendment of Mr. Morsi — just sophomoric. In any case, you see that he was someone to learn from. Mursi just decided to copy the little democracy in the reference America.

In almost all Egyptian towns because of legislative initiative Mursi opposition announced protests. Egyptians in Tahrir Square shouted An old revolutionary slogans:

"People are willing to break the regime!"

Opponents accused President Mursi that he wants to become the new Mubarak and tries to execute the municipal revolution, abandoning the idea of the Egyptian revolution. Opponents of Mursi was characterized as

"Pharaoh autocrat who wants to apply Islamic rule in Egypt."

In the evening on November 25 it became clear on the first victim to the south of Alexandria, Damanhur, in a clash between supporters and opponents of Mursi died played for President 15-year-old child. According to witnesses, the accident occurred at the local branch of the Islamist organization. Bane child, as the representative of the local Ministry of Health, there was a "shock to the head with a blunt object." In the ranks of the "Muslim Brotherhood" have been calls immediately "for revenge."

Jora Mirsky, chief research fellow Russian Academy of Sciences, reads:

"Just a few days back Mursi won another important victory. This is because it first, and not Obama, Israel reconciled with Hamas. His reputation rose indescribable. Of course, after such of success he overestimated the cards that he has on hand, and made a wrong turn. Although he can still win this confrontation. But I think he did not count against him did not speak so little power at the same time … "

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that the people of Egypt fought against the regime of Hosni Mubarak, in order to "not be excessive concentration of power in the hands of the 1st person." Directly behind the presidential administration made Mr. McCain, who supported fellow Democrat Carl Levin. A few days back, the same people, the South American lawmakers praised the known mediator contributed to conclude a truce between Israel and Hamas, but now Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Carl Levin said: Egyptian favorite acts to enhance its capabilities and caused mass protests in country — unacceptable.

Mr. McCain gave an interview to "Fox", where hinted the possibility of freezing the monetary and military aid to Egypt. He said that the U.S. should act to condemn Egypt's president and force him to abandon his own purposes. "We do not wish that the democratically elected autocrat reincarnated as undemocratically elected dictator, as has happened before," — said his employee Levin in the program broadcaster 'En BBC. "

However, the same Levin stressed that the United States should exercise "extreme caution" in relations with the management of Egypt, so as not to upset the delicate truce between Israel and Hamas.

Of course! Mursi secured for itself a reliable rear. So the criticism is given to Washington every day more and more difficult. Every time criticizing the Americans as if looking into a mirror.

So Makar, the Egyptian president, and in fact skillfully used the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in order to identify and fix their own compelling interests, the interests of those who stand behind him — and specifically "Muslim Brotherhood."

According to Yasser Ali, a representative of M. Mursi, while no one decided to suspend work on the main law. President proclaimed Deadline: given two months to ensure that representatives of all political movements have come to an agreement. But the commission has left Coptic Christians: it as "the only source of law" in the project Set … Sharia.

In addition, the revolutionaries in Egypt lusted after the recent revolution, its constitutional amendments Mursi has undermined the country's economy.

On Sunday, the first day of trading after the publication of his decree Mursi, the shares of Egyptian companies lost almost 10% of the price. After the opening exchanges securities Egyptian companies have started to fall so quickly that trading had to break off for half an hour. And after the resumption of stocks continued to fall in value.

Meanwhile, the "Muslim Brotherhood" called on all supporters of the president to hold mass rallies in support of it. The coming Islamist demonstration is planned for Tuesday. Its location — on the Abdeen Square in Cairo. It is understood that there will be a million people. Well, while their opponents will gather as usual in Tahrir Square.

Stock shares, and Mursi now, anyway, right and compiler of laws, and their supreme performer, and the comptroller for compliance. To arrange his impeachment need a constitution, but it is not — and instead it is just that a declaration which Mursi tailored by and for themselves "brothers."

Let's fast forward again from Egypt to America. Columnist Steve Clemence associates Mursi with Abe Lincoln and George Washington at the same time. Maybe Mursi — who massively clicks, and then, like Lincoln or Washington want an all-out liberalization? The journalist is not sure that will be specifically so. But he laughs at the State Department: it is only trusting, in his opinion, could prevent the idea that a healthy democracy and the equilibrium instantaneously will replace mubarakovskomu autocracy.

In the conditions of the political culture of Egypt, Clemence says that turbulent and shaky, and funny to think that the Egyptian favorite — be it religious or secular, whether man or woman — will start automatically and successfully move to the political architecture, which will be based on checks and balances of state power.

If unstable even reconciled South American system of democracy, what read about the Egyptian?

After the elections
, the country's favorites tend to get maximum power. This is the reality, writes Clemence, so behave government leaders around the world. Their job is not to balance the different branches of government. No, it's not their goal.

"They usually want to be monarchs, want to realize their dreams, so it's the future that they behold the" in the interest of the nation "- but rather, for myself personally or clans they represent."

For those that want to build the so-called building democracy in their own country, should enlist the support of previously adjacent branches of government. You need to get on with the arbitrators to assure lawmakers in his own right, and at the same time agree with the military. That this will add, the balance of the system, which is a stretch can be called democratic — at least since the role of the people in it begins and ends with the election.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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