Not to multiply sorrow of this world, gentlemen!

Not to multiply sorrow of this world, gentlemen!September 26, seven in the morning. Damascus rocked by 2-massive explosions. The windows are shaking the glass on the street shootings. Two car bombs exploded near the building of the General Staff. After that, a group of militants had tried in the confusion to seize the building. But was rebuffed tribute — soldiers worked skillfully and courageously. The attackers detained, killed and others wounded. There are victims and defenders in the middle of the country and innocent people. As of this moment, four soldiers died from wounds 14 civilians and military personnel were injured. Spill blood and information front men — journalists. Director of TV channel Al-Alam Hussain Murtada injured, and the correspondent channel "Press TV" May Nasser was killed by terrorists. It came out when journalists perform their own prof debt, illuminating effect on the Umayyad Square.

The explosion occurred at a time when in the area near the Umayyad Square, in other words, in the heart of the town, people were going to work, and the road is full of private cars and minibuses. Only by sheer luck there were no great sacrifice. We hear sirens of fire trucks. Blown up over the building of smoke. But the fire quickly coped with fire.

Accursed media began to inflate the incident, according to the famous saying "making mountains out of molehills." Told of the death of military commanders, including the defense minister, said the strengths fights capture the structure of television and even on the "air strikes on Damascus." However, Syrian television works, how to work, and the Minister of disk imaging Syria Omran Al-Zoubi made a similar denial of rumors.

Recently "fighters for democracy" have undermined the school, located on the road between the airport and the city of Damascus. Seven people were injured. His sin bandits tried to explain that the Tipo this school used to train police officers. But, it is infirm sample "cover backside" atrocity. It was just a boarding school. Affected the academic buildings and equipment.

At this time, the UN General Assembly once again sounded brutal speech against Syria. Those who stubbornly longs to build rebel atrocities, those who have no mercy for the Syrian people suffering from the acts of terrorists, who refuses to admit their crimes and terrorist acts who lack the soul of the fact, that a human being to express compassion for the dead, the wounded, victim — he went up to the highest genassambleyskuyu podium, suddenly as if magically transformed and fills Tipo big pity for "oppressed people." Arming and inciting terrorists begin to shed tears on the Syrian citizens. Crocodile also weeps when a person eats.

U.S. President Obama broke out brutal and krivodushnoy speech, which called for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad "to go away and do not multiply sorrow of this world." But wondered whether this dark "world policeman" the sorrows of this world, when ironed "Tomahawks" Libyan Arab Jamahiriya? When killed in what is not guilty of minor grandchildren of Muammar Gaddafi, who still could not even pronounce the title of the overseas powers killer? When the burgeoning country was covered with blood of their own sons and daughters, torn to pieces and thrown back at the decade? What if Obama thought about grief is not something that the world, and some mothers of orphans, about 6 million of broken lives? And Obama thinks that at this time of mourning mothers Syrian fighter? And the sorrow of relatives who were killed in a barbaric terrorist attacks in Damascus, Aleppo, Deir ez-Zor, Idleb and other towns suffering Syria, which is already considered dead tortured? Obama and other gentlemen in stylish suits and ties, will be like the Biblical Jews, yelling at the address of Bashar al-Assad, "Crucify him, crucify him!" — And turn a blind eye to the fact that they specifically support and multiply as sorrow of this world. So do not send a South American president gromozvuchny own call itself the same?

Where the owner there and slave. Qatari Emir Khalifa Al-Thani, already without any diplomacy with the highest cover-called "civilized" stands for an open war atrocities — the invasion of the sovereign government without the authorization of the UN Security Council, "Security Council failed to reach an effective position, and better for the Arab states themselves to intervene on the basis from government, humanitarian, political and military duties, and do everything possible to stop the bloodshed in Syria. " In other words, the "pro-active" on the views of the Emir — it agreed to a military invasion and destruction of the country. But, if it were found powers that do not want mayhem — which means you need to bring in Syria "democracy" on the bombs and missiles. Al-Thani, of course, "forgot" to mention his own major role in fueling the bloodshed in Syria, and before that — in Libya: how sponsored armed gangs in both countries. At first, collect fuel wood and put a match, and now offers to extinguish the fire with gasoline.

And those who speak of the "dictatorship" in Syria — would do well to remember the history of the coming to power of the emir, which simply dethroned his father and reigned on the throne. What is an election — people Qatar has already forgotten. But this medieval monarchy fully alarmed Western "democratizers" — in fact, all activities Al-Thani — is sheer vysluzhivanie to the United States. If in his own country he monarch — then the international arena obvious lackey. Because no one on the same General Assembly session does not stutter on the need for free elections in Qatar and a "legitimate transfer of power." But legal, twice elected by the people in the elections of the President of Syria whole world stigmatized and blamed for that, what's to blame themselves.

Loathsome of all, but — this is when a man who calls himself a socialist and daring wriggle to socialist ideas, calls for the destruction of the country, the authorities in what are other socialists. It's about the French president Hollande, jutting against Syria, where the people had confidence in the Arab Socialist Baath Party.

"In the Syrian regime has no future in our midst! — Hollande hysteria from the rostrum. — I call upon the UN to provide immediate support to the Syrian people!" What specific "support"? Of course, the one that his predecessor, the radical right, Nicolas Sarkozy, has provided the Libyan people, the bleeding! Oh, yeah, and one that "has been rendered" the people of Yugoslavia in 1999, and in the "provision of such support," which claimed the lives of thousands of Serbs, Sarkozy was the predecessor Jacques Chirac. There is nobody to take an example Hollande! Worthy teachers this psevdosotsialista! His hands are stained with the blood of the Syrian people — because French officials boasted talk about the fact that terrorists deliver a tool, a means of communication and financial assistance and want it to do and more. Hollande but it is not enough — you do not even what to mess with blood on their hands to the shoulders, and a swim in it one hundred percent, with his head! So he encourages illegal acts, the military atrocity that has no statute of limitations!

Just feel sorry for these calls do not sound anywhere in the gang gathering in some abandoned basement where usually criminal
s plotting to murder and robbery — and the main grandstand of the world. Incitement to mass murder goes to the eyes of all the arbitrators of the world, all the jurors, all the police, all the people of the world! And some arrest this gang …

And these world bandits still call the legitimate President "does not multiply sorrow of this world" and go without asking Syrian people? Oh, that's true — with unhealthy on its head …

Do not prepare explosions and attempt to capture the structure of the General Staff Syria in Damascus and the next wave of disinformation specially for the meeting of the UN General Assembly to once again say that, he says, "not regime is in control of the situation," and "it is time to bring down"? But that's only enemies now plans thwarted again.

Syrians already know — as another meeting international level — so expect or terrorist attacks, or the sea of lies, or both at once … And if you can lie on pohohotat, what to do when the result of terrorist attacks killed and injured people? When multiplying the number of grieving mothers …

That's not to multiply sorrow of this world, gentlemen! Get out of yourself and cease to multiply the number of widows and orphans. However, the hands of the blood for you is not never wash off.

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