Now red wine can not only drink, but also to wear!

Do you think that the similarities between red wine and cloth? Well, of course, except for stains on clothing. And so.
A team of scientists from the University of West Australian found method to convert red wine similar to cotton fabric, from which you can create clothes and wetsuits.

Unusual fabric scientists prepared by adding red wine in a special bacterium Acetobacter, which changes the characteristics of the liquid. On the surface of the wine creates a unique porous layer, which scientists removed and transferred to a mannequin. On drying, the material is transformed into a tissue.

"This project will transform the creation of woven materials. The idea is that by combining art with knowledge and adding a little ingenuity, to create a special fermented clothes, which can take the form of the seamless "- said study participant Gary Cass.

The authors believe the ideas that eventually the production of the original fabric will be global, although at the moment the technology is still in the development stage.

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