Off the coast of Canada accumulated seismic energy


OTTAWA, July 29. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Igor Borisenko /. The Pacific coast of Canada, in the area of contact between two tectonic plates, is accumulated seismic energy that threatens a powerful earthquake that may affect a much larger area than previously thought.

This is the conclusion of geologists Universieta Simon Fraser, who completed a series of studies 200-kilometer "transition zone" in the area of Vancouver Island, between the tectonic plates of the Juan de Fuca and North American continental plate.

Seismic data, published in the journal Nature Geoscience, suggest that the geological fault in the area for 7 kilometers deeper than previously thought, it goes through the thick layers of sedimentary rock, and extends to the east.

"If an earthquake occurs, it will affect a very large area," — said in an interview with the "Vancouver Sun" professor of seismology Universieta Simon Fraser Andy Calvert.

Pacific Coast — the most seismically active area in Canada. In the area of Vancouver Island for the last 70 years have been recorded about 100 aftershocks of magnitude 5 or more points. The most powerful of the famous scientist earthquake occurred off the Pacific coast of Canada in January 1700. It is estimated that its magnitude ranged from 8.7 to 9.2.

The tsunami caused by this massive earthquake, reaching as far as Japan, the remote for 7 thousand kilometers. For information about the disaster, scientists have discovered in the old chronicles. According to Canadian experts, so earthquakes occur once every 230 years on the southern part of contact between tectonic plates — off the coast of California and Oregon, and in the northern part of the normal fault — off the coast of British Columbia — they are much less time in 480 years.

The probability of a strong quake with an epicenter off the coast of British Columbia in the next 50 years is 5 — 10 percent, and the chances of that in the southern part of the fault zone as high as 20 percent.


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