Off the coast of Japan, there was a gigantic failure

After the devastating earthquake off the coast of Japan on the ocean giant sinkhole formed over hundreds of kilometers. According to geologists, this condition may lead to powerful aftershocks in Tokyo.

According to calculations of the staff of one of the laboratories of NASA, the disaster in the Land of the Rising Sun was accompanied by changes in the structure of the tectonic plates. Then one of them moved about nine meters, which led to a huge dip in the Japanese coast. American scientists have found that its length is 380 km, width — 190 kilometers.

Geologists from the U.S. indicated that as a result of increased pressure on the adjacent segments of the tectonic plates. In this regard, increased threat of aftershocks in Tokyo. Note that the Japanese capital is located on a unique place in which converge several fault lines. It was recalled that this phenomenon is caused by the devastating earthquake in the middle of the XIX century, killing seven thousand people. Scientists said that in our time, the strength of new tremors will reach seven and a half points.

According to the observations of researchers, such events have been observed in recent years. For example, in 2004, there was a massive earthquake, which was followed by a powerful tsunami that struck many Asian countries. And three months after that was recorded new quake force for over eight and a half points in the sparsely populated area of the island of Nias, said the weekly "World News."

Experts also pointed out that as a result of the disaster last reduced height above sea level of the north-eastern lands of Japan. In this regard, over the coastal areas in danger of flooding, strong tides, which were distributed to a much larger space than before. According to the researchers, in the past the Rising Sun has repeatedly been struck devastating tsunami, as evidenced by sand deposits in different areas.

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