Oil spill in Canada: spilled about 1,000 barrels

According to the representative of the Council on Energy Alberta Darin Barter, at this moment arrived on the scene experts clarify the scope of the oil stains. "Our task is to monitor what steps the company has taken, the pipeline operator to eliminate the leak," — he added.

Over the past two years on Canadian pipelines were about a hundred different incidents, including oil and gas leaks due to defects in the pipe joints, vibration and damage to the equipment. In particular, the new, which was put into operation in June last year, the pipeline Keystone, owned by the company TransCanada, there was a 21 leak of hydrocarbons. According to official data, the cause of one of the incidents was the vibration of the pump. In early June, three leaks occurred at transfer stations in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, napominaetITAR-TASS.

A serious incident occurred in February on the pipeline in Bidmor (Ontario), where the gas leak explosion. It should be noted that the most serious accident in recent years occurred in April at the Rainbow pipeline in Alberta, when a damaged pipe spilled about 28,000 barrels of oil. Work to eliminate this oil spill continued until the end of June.

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