Omen of the hurricane season? Chaos in the atmosphere have already seen in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico

June 2, 2011MIAMI
— Area Foul weather in the Atlantic will bring severe thunderstorms to parts of Florida in the afternoon and evening. Function, which began as a cluster of thunderstorms over the Great Lakes last weekend foiled mid-Atlantic coast "Memorial" Day morning. This feature is now turned south and cross the Florida Peninsula from north-east to south-this afternoon and evening. Area of Daytona Beach and Cape Canaveral will be affected first. Next, Gainesville, Ocala and Orlando would be on its way to the stormy weather in the afternoon. Finally, Tampa, Sarasota and Fort Myers areas harmless game for some thunderstorms later today. System will not have enough time to develop a tropical, but it can act a little bit like a tropical storm from a brief period of gusty winds and localized flooding downpours. Thunderstorms associated with it can be strong enough to knock a few trees and cause periodic power outages. Storms can slow down the flow of time along the line 4, 75 and 95. —Accuweather

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