On Earth, soon there will be hundreds of new species?




Global climate change may not lead to the disappearance of some species of living beings on the earth, and to the emergence of hundreds of new species of animals and plants, according to Reuters. Scientists argue that the concept of global warming as a disaster, perhaps incorrectly.

Some scientific theories claim that global warming will lead to consequences similar to the extinction of the dinosaurs — many living species will disappear from the face of the Earth. "The biodiversity and global climate change are well documented — warming has become obvious: birds migrating earlier, before steel flowers bloom, shifted timing of the seasons," — says the director of climate change, the World Wildlife Fund Jennifer Morgan. According to international studies, global warming will wipe out a quarter of animal and plant species by 2050.

However, not everyone is looking at global climate change with the same pessimism. Australian scientists have, for example, believe that warming will lead to abundant rains, which in turn will contribute to the rapid growth of trees absorbing "greenhouse gases." These findings were published scientists in the past month. According to them, the greenhouse effect will cause the Earth's atmosphere becomes more humid, the trees will grow more active, which could give rise to new species.

However, many scientists believe that even the very rapid growth of the trees on the planet does not compensate for the harm that human activities are causing the environment. Particularly serious debate begin when it comes to how far can the global warming, and how quickly will increase the temperature of the environment.

It is worth noting that the major changes in the global climate have occurred in the last 8 thousand years, when humanity has become actively engaged in farming, cutting down forests, and seriously develop industry plant generating carbon dioxide — the main cause of the greenhouse effect. According to William Ruddimana from the University of Virginia, in the last two centuries, the average temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees. It is reported Lenta.Ru.

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