On Khortitsa strong tornado demolished iron roofing from a building Cossack museum

Unexpected tornado demolished 47-ton iron coating on the roof of the Museum on the island of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks Khortytsya, Director General of the National Reserve Khortytsya Maxim Ostapenko.

"It was a very strong gust of wind. Near the museum converge several areas of the Dnieper, is adjacent to three beds, and the main flow of the Dnieper was a powerful front that literally struck by the structure of the museum, the windows shook in the windows, the alarm went off. After that tornado lifted a few yards up the metal structure on the roof of the museum, and transferred to 25-30 meters, "- said Ostapenko.

We have solved the problem of how to remove the overhanging building multi-ton iron structures.

"The main problem — the danger looming collapse of structures on the patio of the museum. Hopefully in the near future to eliminate all the debris, but while the museum is closed for tourists", — said the director.

According to preliminary calculations, the elimination of the effects of a tornado museum Zaporizhzhya Cossacks will need at least 100 thousand UAH.

Source: korrespondent.net.

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