On Sakhalin experienced massive sea salmon


Photo from: kovdorchanin.ucoz.ru

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, August 23 (New Region, Olga Radko) — Zamor about three tons of salmon in the river occurred Sheshkevicha Sakhalin. The incident occurred in the river near the village of Riverside Sheshkevicha Korsakov.

According to the ichthyology, fish died due to lack of oxygen in the water that is currently quite high. "On the eve freeze here came a record number of salmon", — said Konstantin Derkachev fisheries inspector.

As explained by the head of the Fisheries Agency Sakhalin Kolotushkin Paul, after the official conclusion of the members of the regional committee of scientists to regulate production of anadromous fish will consider setting on the river rybouchetnogo barrier (Ruza). In this case, the fish will not pass to spawn, and further freeze would be avoided. Once on the river improved hydrological conditions RUZ withdraw, RIA "Sakhalin-Kuril Islands."

According Kolotushkin, now in the Sakhalin region Rouses installed on 37 rivers. Fish spawning runs under the supervision of ichthyologists. If hydrological conditions improving, RUZ works in an open manner, ie simply keeps track of how many fish have passed, and the removal of the salmon is not performed.

Employees of SIA "fishing company," which is fishing in the area, clean the bottom and side of the river of dead fish.

Source: "New Region — Far East"

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