On Sunday, May 20, residents will be able to observe the Earth's rare solar eclipse.

As reported by the laboratory of NASA, the first unique annular eclipse will see the Chinese people: it will pass through Hong Kong, Taipei, Taiwan, then in the capital of Japan — Tokyo. Unusual phenomenon will also be able to watch from Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, Canada and Mexico.

In the U.S., the eclipse will be visible in several states. However, the best point for observations will be Northern California — Sacramento and around Lake Tahoe. According to scientists, these are the places you can see the time when the moon is completely eclipsed by the sun, leaving a shiny gold ring. Scientists again warned residents not to try to treat the planet a unique phenomenon with the help of binoculars and telescopes as it may cause damage to the retina of the eye.Observe the conjunction of the Moon and the Sun should be using much of tinted film or traditional illuminated, ITAR-TASS reported.

Source: news.mail.ru.

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