On the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan earthquake

Almaty. May 28. Kazakhstan Today — Kazakhstan on the border with Kyrgyzstan earthquake with magnitude 3.2, reports Kazakhstan Today.

According to the European Seismological Center, an earthquake of magnitude 3.2 occurred at 00.24 on the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The epicenter was located at a depth of one kilometer, 49 km south of Almaty.
Information on casualties or damage were reported.
Recall in early May in Almaty region there were 10 earthquakes.
According to the European Seismological Center, the first earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 occurred on 1 May at 08.31. The epicenter was located at a depth of 23 kilometers, 76 kilometers north-east of Almaty and 38 km north-east of Issyk. This is marked as a strong earthquake, it has a 5 level of intensity.
Located in the southern capital of ten seismic zone. Last destructive earthquake occurred in Almaty in 1911. Then the city was destroyed by the Faithful, the earthquake was related to the 10 strongest earthquakes of the past century.
As previously reported, Kazakh seismologists and scientists have expressed concern that the state of readiness for a serious earthquake in Almaty, leaves a lot to be desired, as key issues remain unresolved.
Moreover, the Environmentalists warn of the disastrous consequences in the event of an earthquake in Almaty. Veterinary laboratory is located in the metropolis, designed for the diagnosis of particularly dangerous infections transmitted from animals.
"In addition to veterinary laboratory, the city hosts a number of industrial projects, which, according to the general plan of Almaty, it is recommended to make the city to improve environmental safety, improve the ecological environment," — said the agency chairman Ecological Society "Green Salvation" Sergei Kuratov.
In addition, he noted that the nearest mountain ranges, an intense construction, which leads to landslides. "This active intervention in the foothills area, building on the shelves, in the construction of the Big Almaty Lake, near the gorge, in Aksay, Turgen gorge — it's a very intense human impact on the environment, on the mountain ridges that an earthquake could affect a the form of additional catastrophic consequences of landslides and debris flows. everywhere and everywhere we see ill-conceived invasion of man in the environment ", — said S. Kuratov.
"Thus, industries, roads and cable cars, unjustified building water protection zones, active invasion of mountain ranges, building on a very unstable slopes, cutting wild fruit and pine forests — all lead to serious consequences in the event of a massive earthquake" — summed up S. Kuratov.
Forecasts for global seismic activity until 2015.
Interview Director of the Institute of Seismology of the Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan Kanat Abdrahmatova agency Kazakhstan Today.
Reminder of the rules of conduct in the event of earthquakes.
card from the site www.emsc-csem.orgSource: http://kt.kz/index.php?lang=rus&uin=1133168944&chapter=1153538967

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