On the lake began Alauksts sea eels


Photo from: zzzlatka.livejournal.com

8.08.11.Po unknown reasons Alauksts in the lake over the past three weeks, killing about 500 eels. Found the number of dead eels in recent days has decreased.

As told Chief Inspector Valmiera controlling branches of the Office of the sea and inland waters of the State Environmental Service Uldis Lentsbergs, last Monday, he and his staff went to the Research Institute BIOR lake to take samples for analysis.

On the lake were caught three eels, which the staff brought to Riga for the analysis results will be ready next week. So far, the cause of death of acne is unknown, but experts suspect that the eels were lost due to illness, typical of this breed of fish.

Source: Mixnews.lv

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