On the river near Novosibirsk killed all life


Photo: from the site newsmiass.ru.

9.07.11.V Wednesday, July 6, the discharge of an unknown substance while nearly destroyed all living creatures in the river Shipuniha that flows next to the villages and Evsin stretcher in the Novosibirsk region.

In the river, killing all life: fish, muskrats, water plants. The local people call this environmental disaster happened, said "KP-Novosibirsk".

— Overall — a dead fish and animals. Had seen the dead muskrat, pike, fish fry … I called the inspectors rybohotobschestva, we drove up to the bed of the river, near the village Evsin. Most likely, the reset was there. Dead fish a lot, not only on the surface of the water and on the banks, but at the bottom — they pop up right behind the boat, raised propeller motor. Terrible sight … — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" fisherman Vladimir Jurack.

In place of an environmental disaster has already visited by the police, who took pictures of the scene and started checking the circumstances of the mass death of animals and fish in the river. By the way, on the assumptions of the owners of cottages, which are many in the area, the reason for the incident may well be broken sewer pipe to the plant next to the pond — electrode. This is also, according to them, says the waste and a terrible smell, which stands above the river for several days.

It should be noted that the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant is one of the major air pollutants in the region. Now, apparently, now the turn of the river lo Shipuniha.

Source: Baikal 24

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