On the southern coast of Bulgaria found a dead dolphin


6.09.11.Ocherednogo dead dolphin washed ashore this morning near bursgaskih solnits, BTA reported.

Thus, this case is 12 for this summer on the south coast.

The last few cases occurred about camping Coral, where the beach concessionaire reported in several institutions of a doubt that he had found the dolphin had been shot. The police refused to Tsarevo open a case on the occasion. The mayor's office said that the concessionaire is responsible for cleaning the beach. After all, the dolphin was buried. The next day, the Minister of Agriculture Miroslav Naydenov ordered a check, and a special commission exhumed corpse of the animal and investigated.

Later, the district prosecutor Tsarevo announced that after inspection, it became clear that the dolphin can not shoot, and became entangled in fishing nets and choked, and the holes in his body, most likely from the fishing pins with which it pulled out of the network. Such cases are not uncommon on the Bulgarian coast.

A few days ago, Minister Naydenov said that the patrol boats Fisheries Agency (IARA) intensify checks on murder cases of dolphins by fishermen. According to him, the recent increased population of mammals that eat fish and tear network, because of what the cases of intentional killing. According to executive director of IARA Flames Zahariev, the number of dead dolphins this year has not increased. Last year that number was 11, and in 2009 — 20, he said.

Dolphin is a protected animal, for their murder is punished by a fine of 5000 to 20 000 leva and up to 5 years in prison.

Source: NewsBG.ru

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