On the Sun there were 11 outbreaks of class X

Large solar emissions from 24-25 September 2011.  Photo: From the site tesis.lebedev.ruOn Wednesday and Thursday are expected geomagnetic storm.
From the Sunday Sun never ceases to send into space for flash flash: for the past day it reported 11 outbreaks of force not less than class C. Five of them have reached the maximum level of X. In order to understand how serious this is, recall power classes of solar flares : they are designated by the letters A, B, C, M, H. Last Class "X" occurred in the field with the number 1302 in the catalog of the American Service NOAA. Thus, this region broke the previous record of activity, and was the largest on the allocation of energy in this solar cycle, according to laboratory X-ray astronomy of the Sun (LPI).

Magnetic storms have a hard impact on the human body, which was seen by Soviet scientists in the 30's of the XX century. When emissions plasma reach the earth, many people, especially with weakness and headaches, dizziness and malaise, decreased vitality, performance deteriorates. Universal way to avoid these symptoms are not, but the people involved in the prevention of physical therapy, increases the body's resistance to any external influences, including disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field.

Like the previous outbreak of September 22 (see "KP" here), this event was accompanied by a large mass ejection, which, however, there was no longer an angle of about 80 degrees to the Sun-Earth, as the former event, and not zadevshee Earth and at a short distance — about 50 degrees. The reason is that because of the rotation of the Sun area in 1302 by the day moves ever closer to the Sun-Earth line. As a result, outbreaks occurring here every day are becoming more powerful. Directly at the Sun-Earth region will be September 28-29. Before that time, it will not decrease the level of activity, "escape" from the solar plasma emission from the planet will not be possible.

The specialists of the LPI, two large explosions in the same region of the Sun is not a unique situation. However, after the outbreak of any area it takes time to build up enough energy for the next big bang. The fact that in this case, between the two events is a perfect score was only two days, said that the nature of solar activity, more and more like the solar maximum. Therefore, scientists do not rule out that the sun will not come up in 2013, as previously expected, but in the second half of 2012.
Svetlana KUZINA

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