One of the areas of Vladivostok strong jolted


Residents confused about it, the competent authorities are silent

21.03.11. As RIA "Date's" witnesses the incident, on Sunday, beginning at 10 am local time, Vladivostok residents who live in the Bay Area Quiet, five felt the tremors. According to witnesses, tremors were so conspicuous that some residents were forced to leave their apartments.

Total noted five aftershocks in the time difference of 3-4 hours.

As RIA "Data" in the Press Service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Primorsky Territory, these shocks are in no way were not caused by an earthquake.

According to some reports, the tremors were triggered by blasting, with the ongoing construction of the route, which will take place in the bay area quiet. Meanwhile, for some reason, the competent authorities have warned the public about the work in progress that has caused some panic among the people.

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