Opposition of Jupiter will be visible tonight

The largest planet in the solar system — Jupiter will be today at the closest distance from the Earth to 4 astronomical units (one astronomical unit is about 150 million km).

As the leading researcher of the Byurakan Observatory, co-chairman of the Armenian Astronomical Society Areg Mikaelyan, this is the most favorable time for observing Jupiter from Earth, as it allows to see more detail on the disk of the planet because of the larger angular diameter in the sky. Even with a small telescope or strong binoculars clearly four Galilean satellites of Jupiter.

Jupiter opposition occurs every year as the Earth revolves around the Sun faster than the outer planets. For example, the opposition of Jupiter happens every time with a delay of 33.5 days, compared with the day of the confrontation in the previous year.

October 29 Jupiter will be visible in the constellation Pisces. Jupiter rises at 2 am to a maximum height of 45 ° above the horizon over the point of the south, and the next morning at 09:17 it will be hidden below the horizon.

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