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Destruction of ammunition, which by order of the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov is from March of last year in many regions of Russia, for our area can be fatal.

Diligently destructible buildings homes, kindergartens and schools — not the worst thing that can happen. Given that the bombings carried out in the area of oil and gas fields, the seismic event could trigger a global catastrophe.

We have repeatedly raised the case of demolition, told that the people closest to Donguzskomu and Totsky landfill settlements are worried about the state of their homes.
In particular, housing the Ministry of Defence (currently broadcast Ltd. "Slav"), located in the village of May Day has long passed into the category of emergency.

In the Orenburg district court in the last two years received about 600 complaints to the Ministry of Defence of Donguz residents who live in apartments for social rent agreements and believe that the defendant failed to fulfill its responsibilities for the quality of service. The court granted the portion of claims and ordered Donguzskuyu KECH to repair with partial replacement of foundations and floors, restoration of walls and partitions, with full replacement of roofing and overhaul of hydraulic structures. Court decisions are not satisfied, and the already emergency shelter every day becomes more alert due to regular tremors.

In March, when the explosions began in one of the apartments of the house № 18 on the street Voronov collapsed ceiling. Tenants of new housing is not provided, the damage is not compensated. Autumn are more often an accident in utility networks, and in January will not dig trenches to never. Communal sure: the new earth will provide a new impetus to the breakthrough. Moreover, residents complain of persistent smell and taste of dust, which appeared in the water.

— The release of this chemical is discontinued back in the sixties — says Chairman Donguzskogo Branch Russian public organization "Movement in Support of the Army and the defense industry," Vladimir Timoshenko. — It says that because of the earthquakes leakproof chemical and radioactive burial sites that are on the landfill site. We appealed to the prosecutor's office to investigate the situation, assign the examination, but the official statement we received no answer. But we are not cockroaches that Dostum us starve!
Volodymyr Tymoshenko also said that as a reserve officer, a military test pilot expressed doubt about the permissible amounts undermine shells.

— I have an idea of the power of explosions bombs — says Tymoshenko. — So, the shock wave from the explosion 13 kilometers from the residential camp village May Day meets the explosion of several dozen tons of bombs. Undermining ammunition observed visually in the form of a black cloud height of several hundred meters in the water intake zone and confirmed by the shock wave and sound. From explosions rang dishes, moved furniture, drop things. The shock wave of such force that poses a threat to homes, gas supply systems, electricity, heating and sanitation.

As a result of disposal of ammunition at the test site (station Donguzskaya) in buildings of educational institutions Sol-Iletsk area — MOU "Krasnomayakskaya School", "Coal School" kindergarten village Mikhailovka village Mine — note the damage of walls, ceilings, break windows. In some cases, heads of educational institutions are forced to evacuate students during the learning process.

Member of the Council of Defense Pervomayskoye Lemeshko Peter, who is also director of the school № 1, said that the building was constructed in 1964 and no earthquakes in need of repair, over the dining room and the gym roof leaks.
— I'm afraid of repeating Belyayevskoye events. You see, because of the earthquakes and rain poured and washed cement composition, and therefore fall bricks — the director of the school, pointing to the void. He also revealed that the bricks crumble, is to touch their hand. — These buildings were constructed from the short-lived sand-lime brick, thought, when would be the best time to build new ones. But those days have not arrived. Yes, the fact that the building is old, do not blame the military, but regular explosions appeared to increase fracture undermine the structure if the explosions continue, school collapse!

In the village of Bayou, which is in the tens of kilometers from Donguzskogo landfill after active munitions disposal closed kindergarten. Since he is the only in the village, parents had to think about where do babies now. One volunteered to help grandparents. Others had to give up work or take leave without pay.

Head of the kindergarten "Cherry" Natalya Zamyatin Specifically, the first large explosion they felt October 2:
— It was in the afternoon, the children were asleep, and we held a meeting. We talked quietly, as if something boomed in the bedroom, the windows rattled, and the walls seemed swayed. During the month, the ceiling began to descend lower and lower bearing beams in the floor and on the walls gave the cracks. We have done the act and sent to the Department of Education's request for examination. In November the Commission to conclude that the limitation of performance, with the exception of gaming and dining room, which recorded decrease in the carrying capacity for the adoption of safety measures. But just two weeks it became clear that they will not help.

The head of the village council Krasnouralskiy Viktor Selivanov explained that the kindergarten building, of course, old, do not meet modern requirements, but it stood to operate and could even stand for decades. Now it is necessary to think about where to take money to build a new preschool already responsible not only needs Staritsa and a neighboring village on January 9, where 150 children on the waiting list, and suburban area "Dream", which is now under active construction of houses by young families.

According to geologists, bursting at the seams of the building — a consequence of the global underground processes. Head of Laboratory of the Department of Geoecology technogenesis Orenburg Research Center, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences PhD Maxim Nesterenko said that the explosions triggered abnormally high seismic effect:
— On natural seismicity our region is 6 — 7-point area according to the map of seismic zoning of the General 1997. This is due to continuous movement of crustal blocks to each other. From observations in the western and central parts of the region in a month recorded two or three natural seismic events up to 2.5 on the Richter scale. But there is still the danger of earthquakes anthropogenic origin related to oil and gas. Such earthquakes stations record monthly. Additionally, effective October 1, 2010 up to 30 network detects seismic events per day — explosions in the landfill Donguzskogo Defense Ministry with a magnitude of up to 4 or more.
According to our data, the explosions increase natural seismic activity and the impact on communities and large industrial facilities. Over the last two or three months the number of reported natural earthquakes has increased two to three times — up to six or seven a month. We must bear in mind that the blasts are triggered accumulated tension in the land of different nature. An uncontrolled explosions without anthropogenic factor and geological features can cause large man-made disasters in the area.

For example, at the Orenburg gas condensate field (ONGKM) as a result of gas and with the inevitable fall of the reservoir pressure disrupted geodynamic balance at the top of the crust. On some segments of the imbalance is one thousand or more tons per square meter. In these conditions, a small shake of the (same explosions) can cause shifts of geological structures to each other and are located in the breach of or above engineering facilities: pipelines, wells, structures on the Earth's surface, etc. with appropriate emergency consequences. Currently produced explosions of ammunition with expired on Donguzskom training ground over the zone of influence at the Orenburg gas condensate field as a result of repeated exposure to their tense formed his band in the subsurface can lead to large earthquakes and associated emergencies.

Scientists believe that in order to reduce the probability associated with the bombings of emergencies should discontinue explosions in the area to determine the possible impacts and issues to minimize their negative impact. They appealed to the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Orenburg region and the regional military prosecutor and are confident that the issue is possible only after the necessary private study area polygon and their reasons.
In this regard, last week Governor Yury Berg personally appealed to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov on the immediate action on the situation in the Orenburg landfills.

The message the Minister, in particular, said:

"The appeal to the commander of the CVO of measures to minimize the effects of disposal of ammunition is not accepted on their activities are not reported. I urge you to stop the destruction of landfill Donguzskom obsolete munitions to determine and address the causes of these negative effects on community facilities adjacent to the landfill communities. "

Telegram with the same content and aims to address the commander of the Central Military District Lieutenant-General Vladimir Chirkina, which also noted that the earlier treatment of the regional government sent replies on the measures taken to reduce the volume of single undermine ammunition. Also signed by the vice-governor sent a telegram to the head of the garrison, Colonel Sergei Donguzskogo Yelmanova where before decisions Serdyukov and Chirkina recommended to suspend the disposal of ammunition.

After a telephone conversation with the Minister of Defence team second general army Major General Alexander Zhuravlev governor Yury Berg said that the team has already been given in half to reduce the volume of single undermine ammunition. Also mandated to identify and remove the causes of negative effects on community facilities and residential houses in the villages adjacent to the test site.

Military encouraged to work more closely with local authorities, to inform the public about the plot bombings. We also know that from Monday in the commission works from the Ministry of Defence, which is to deal with the situation. I want to believe that, perhaps, at least now the destructive process associated with the disposal of ordnance over.

Tatyana Angelova.
Photo by the author and Alina Savinov.


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