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Always cheerful baby suddenly starts for no apparent reason shrill cry … He wants to eat, but the attempt to swallow your favorite cereal is crying again? He can not sleep, trying to get comfortable on the pillow, but it's not impossible? Perhaps your child has an earache.

The most common problems with the ears in children occur because of Acute otitis media — an inflammatory disease of the middle ear. The main thing in this situation — do not lose my temper, and as soon as possible to call home pediatrician or, even better, ENT doctor. Only Throat specialist can confirm the diagnosis of "otitis media" and to ascertain its shape — catarrhal or suppurative. Depending on the type and severity of the disease will be assigned to the appropriate treatment.

If you suspect aotitisdo not waste time and to self-medicate, because the disease can produce serious complications and acquire a chronic course.

One of the complications of acute suppurative otitis media — the spread of infection in the inner ear — labyrinthitis (or internal otitis). It is hard disease, manifested by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, tinnitus. Adverse outcome labyrinthitis is a total loss of hearing.

Meets and third form otitis media — outside otitis, drift associated with infection in the skin of the ear canal. Most often this occurs when prolonged contact with water ear ("swimmer's ear") or his injury with a sharp object (such as a pin or toothpick).Disease may take the form of limited inflammation — as boil or diffuse external otitis. With any form of disease treatment strategy is determined by a doctor.

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