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Barely then 2 months with how South American scientists showed first actually usable copy of the "microwave gun" for non-lethal destruction of the enemy, as it became known about the Russian analogue of this system. Development of Russia's equivalent of the U.S. ADS (Active Denial System — Active Denial System) took place in an atmosphere of secrecy and its existence became clear only in the last days.

The creation of military generator of microwaves in the past couple years in the 12th Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense, located in Sergiev Posad Metropolitan area. The principle acts latest installation is simple and straightforward: the radiating antenna makes comparable narrow beam of microwave radiation width of the order of 5-10 degrees. Radiation, coming into contact with human impact on the water in the upper layers of the skin, resulting in a person begins to feel a strong burning sensation in the "attack" of the body. Depending on the distance from the emitter beam fell under the person or can not continue any act and immediately tries to escape the effects of the installation, or experiencing some discomfort.

At the current time the most experienced installation went to the tests, which will last several months. During the test, scheduled for one hundred percent of the work out all the nuances of the operation and implementation of the generator, and at the same time and set the actual properties. Thus, in the current time declared effective range "battle" is 250-300 meters. But representatives of the words of the 12th Central Scientific Research Institute may follow that range acts of combat generator of microwave radiation may depend on the wishes of the customer. Deputy Head of the Central Scientific Research Institute, Colonel D. Nipple argues that to ensure the effective range of exposure to three hundred meters of the machine must have the size at which it can be transported in vehicles of the family "Gazelle", in armored cars "Tiger" or a similar technique to that. Maybe, maybe even create hand-emitting unit with "pistol" distance irradiation.

According to the views of developers, the brand-new "microwave gun" can be useful in various local conflicts, when shooting at the enemy could be affected civilians. Another possible application for the installation of unauthorized public gatherings. In such a case it may be applied together with water jets and other special means. In other words, microwave generator can be used in all of the criteria, where you want to suppress the resistance of the enemy and prevent the loss of life, including in the ranks of the enemy.

Unfortunately, about the latest development of the 12th Central Scientific Research Institute is not yet clear very much. But at the moment you can imagine for yourself its prospects. First, it should be noted conceptual features of the project. Of course, microwave generator is a revolutionary new equipment for our country. At the same time, on a global scale, and although it is quite brand new and exciting development, but not the first. Thus, the first reports of the U.S. ADS appeared almost 15 years ago, and the first copy was shown this winter. With all of this in both systems because of their similarity have similar shortcomings. Chief among them for the "disruptive force" of microwave emitters. The fact that certain comparable small distance from the antenna radiation power installation is reduced to such a level at which a display can serve as virtually any object. For example, you can hide behind the clothes tight. If you absolutely shut out the light does not work, then, at least, will markedly reduce the effect of microwaves on their skin. Because microwave emitters do not actually apply to military criteria. The fact that the body of a fighter most countries in the world in its "attire" almost completely closed. The form and the equipment does not cover only the face and hands, and even then, sometimes, these body parts are covered as well. In addition, the body may be covered by a bulletproof jacket, vest, unloading, pouches, etc. As a result, the line will be very difficult to get through to the skin of an enemy fighter and give him at least some inconvenience. In the end, the cross on the use of such installation in the army puts the ratio of size and distance. Hardly is displayed on the battlefield transmitter with a range no greater than the distance automatic gunfire. Alternatively, you can set up all the equipment in an armored chassis, and not everything is perfect: the work of non-lethal generator finished the regular rocket launcher or anti-tank systems operator, because its firing range is also greater than that of the antenna on broneshassi.

Once the use of combat against the microwave emitter perfectly organized and curb the army due to the weight of almost ineradicable problems, you can irradiate the least severe of the enemy. They can for example be some poorly organized militia-type units rebels during the war in Libya. But our country simply does not make sense to create to deal with such an enemy special weapons. As practice, they can be relaxed and to destroy existing weapons. It remains only to break up the protests. Is noteworthy that the creators of the American ADS, for sure, in light of the actions of movement Occupy, calls its first development tool for maintaining order in the city's criteria. Perhaps, the Russian generator hardly be amiss to something else. And here, unfortunately for the generator and luckily for participants unauthorized actions, prospects of microwave "gun" look quite unclear. Practice demonstrates to prevent unauthorized mass events Russian OMON completely short of the available funds. Moreover, a large number of cases are not even batons and shields, not to mention the water cannon or traumatic ammunition.

It turns out development 12th Central Scientific Research Institute is no one suitable? It is likely, although there is some cause for optimism. The fact that, in almost all countries often prevent mess, including using special equipment. Here they develop any newcomer would need. From this it can be concluded that the Russian military, the microwave generator is much more export prospects than likely to use Russian security forces. Naturally, in the Russian practice has not been a case to any development expelled for export, not by adopting at home. Most likely, at some point, "microwave gun" also will accept into service, but a huge number of Russian troops will order no. Let's lay, she will be interested zabugornye country that does not give the project to close as unnecessary.

Regardless of the prospects of a microwave generator, developed in the 12th Central Scientific Research Institute, this design is a passion. In this case, not only as some, but the combat system. It must be stressed that the development of similar equipment must necessarily affect the status of the entire electronic industry in the country. It's no secret that the Russian sector of the industry is far behind rivals zabugornyh because even pre-export project could well spur him. In addition, the creation of a conceptually new weapons systems directly fit into the plans of the Ministry of Defense "weapons based on new principles." Who knows, maybe some know-how acquired during development of the "microwave guns", will soon be used at the first Russian rail gun or a means to reliably intercept unmanned aerial vehicles.

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