Our armor at IDEX-2011

Our armor at IDEX-2011

In the Emirates, an exhibition of new weapons IDEX-2011. Our homeland at this exhibition was presented 3 pavilions, which are popular with visitors took advantage of the exposure vystavki.U "Rosoboronexport" going to the people the most. Bolshennom on the screen in the pavilion demonstrated virtually all instrument proposed for the export of Russian defense industry, and to see it at that. In the middle of companies and industry associations in the center of attention was the company "Uralvagonzavod", "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey "and the Tula Instrument Design Bureau.

The fact that our SAMs are the best in the world, it was clear 45 years ago, when the South American war in Vietnam faced a Russian anti-aircraft missiles. Specifically, from the time in the eyes of the public repeatedly improved the quality of Russian weapons, providing air defense of the country and troops. Worthy of our peers, "Bukama", "trehsotkam", "tori", "Tunguska" and many other systems were created and was not even in sverhtehnologichny America. Because enthusiasm for the exhibition "Almaz-Antey" was expected, countries wishing to firmly defend their skies are embracing the fact that now produces Russian concern. Well, the exhibition itself was an information-rich and well obmyslennoy.

Anti-tank guided missiles, which produces the Tula KBP also among the best in the world. Against them, as shown by the practice of fighting in the Middle East, could not resist any Israeli "Merkava" or South American "Abrams". The authority of the Tula Instrument visibly older, they were able to complete all the work on a new missile-gun system "Shell". "Shell" has already started to do by the army UAE. The exhibition IDEX-2011 was first demonstrated by one of the UAE "carapace" in war paint.

Our armor at IDEX-2011

rocket-gun complex "Shell"

The enthusiasm for the exhibition "Uralvagonzavod" explain the fact that our armor vserasprostranena around the world, and the Middle East it just flooded. It is here, in the Middle East, there were tank battles in which converged Russian T-55, T-62 and T-72 South American, British and French tanks. Also in this hot region are serving our great infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers. The Army adopted the UAE BMP-3 into service even before the Russian army and is very happy with these machines. Because our armored vehicles enjoy in the salons of IDEX deserved real enthusiasm and, importantly, respect.

Our armor at IDEX-2011


Although this time at the demonstration site of our cars was not on it were only French "Leclerc". But standing in the open area, attracting the attention of the new Ukrainian tank "Citadel". I must say that none of the guests lounge by it did not work. Ukrainian "Stronghold"- A Russian T-80, the main difference is that at the Kharkov machine is purely Ukrainian boxer diesel engine 6TD-2E. Other differences lie in the details, the work of experts at the Kharkiv Morozov Design Bureau and the name by which Ukrainian tank came out quite successful.

Our armor at IDEX-2011

Ukrainian tank "The Citadel"

This tank weighs 50 tons. This increase caused a significant increase in weight of composite armor materials. The tank was installed multilayer armor, effective even against piercing projectiles.

The know-how of Ukrainian tanks — is the most powerful diesel engine — 1200 hp, and automatic and computerized traffic control system. The tank is not used massive hydrostatic transmission, but the advantages of this box are located. Managed by the "Citadel" driving very smoothly. If the electronics fail, you can drive the car in manual mode with the help of conventional mechanical linkage. The most powerful diesel engine and control system have allowed to enter reversnuju reverse gear, which gave the opportunity to move back to a speed of 35 km / h.

The fire control system is also very advanced. The tank is equipped with modern electro-optical system. The commander and gunner on the personal rangefinder, by their thermal imaging camera and at the sole visual channel. In practice, the function of the tank commander and gunner are duplicated.

The gun itself can hit targets at a distance of 5 km. At a distance of 4 km. possibility of hitting the target is 98%.

The creators of the tank "Citadel" they say that their child is not in what the newcomer is not inferior to the German tank "Leopard A7," for all that it is more dynamic, reliable and has the best than the German, combination guard.

Our designers tanks impartially and appreciated the car Ukrainian colleagues. Managing the St. Petersburg KB, in which once designed a T-80, Valery Kozishkurt, said that he was delighted by the innovations that Kharkiv were able to incorporate into the "stronghold". He also noted with regret that almost everything that is remarkable now the new Ukrainian tank in Russia were ready to do more in the early 90-ies of the last century. And in general, according to the Russian tank designers, if a native of Defense wanted in the Russian army has long been able to be really the best tanks in the world.

In print media, dedicated cabin IDEX-2011, a tank open a discussion topic is also very intense. Discussions and publications on Russian tank development were disappointing for us. Namely, some Western military experts expressed outlook that after the closure of the Defense Ministry promising project of the T-95 tank building in Russia will inevitably fade. Favorited world tank impartially are China, Germany and Ukraine.

Company "Uralvagonzavod" doing everything possible in order to maintain the advanced school of Russian tank design and modern Russia. And if the same will be established rapport with the native Ministry of Defense, all of our tank builders work.

"Uralvagonzavod" planned to bring to the IDEX-2011 two own best reference — the latest version of the T-90AM and tank support combat vehicle "Terminator." Did not work because of bureaucratic bottlenecking. Whether on show in Abu Dhabi our T-90AM, not so convincingly looked Ukrainian "Citadel" and even the German "MBT Revolution".

Our armor at IDEX-

On further show in Nizhny Tagil these standards together with other novelties Russian tank development, of course, will be presented. But hardly all participants salon IDEX-2011 will visit the Nizhny Tagil and gaze at the beautiful samples of Russian weapons.

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