Our aviation and astronautics beheaded

Our aerospace and aviation beheaded

Astronaut town near the metro "ENEA" in Moscow. At the entrance of the black "Volga". On a chair lonely dark jacket with only merit — the Gold Star of Hero of the Russian Union. April 12 test pilot, piloted by all types of Russian aircraft, astronaut, Colonel Igor Volk of supplies — 75 years. "AN" could not pass without going through such date. Only here the solemn interview went very sad.

Barefoot astronaut

— Igor Petrovich about your single space flight in Star City hitherto stroll etched legends and funny stories. What was the main task?

— I spent 12 days in space, to resolve the dispute between with 2 schools of thought. Ivan Strength and academician Valentin Glushko was that when gallakticheskogo flight the pilot will not be able to land a "Buran" in manual mode, and want to put on "automatic". We have tried to justify — even as able!

For this, I walked twice on a week-long "water inversion." This is when the test for seven days put into water. This is the best model of weightlessness. At first I had a wonderful sleep. But NIGHT MODE awoke from that hurt the kidneys. I try to warm up — is even worse. I had to sing a song to distract from the pain. Later, stop running the extensor muscles. Feelings are very nasty. Two days later the pain was gone.

After inversion of the helicopter immediately — and in a flying laboratory MiG-25. Take-off, flying and landing. Sure that flying can be. But inversion and zero gravity did different things. Because the decision was made about a real and immediate flight piloting.

But immediately after landing to board the plane did not work — I could not 40 minutes removed from the lander. And later I found the pants. I said that without his pants on a plane will not sit down.

— In other words, as no pants?

— When the suit was removed, I was left in a silk underwear. I started to find my pants. And the shoes have not found the — in the desert boots for some reason do not grow. I had to fly a helicopter with his bare feet, the site of the second pilot. Arriving at the airport Dzeskazgan. To meet astronauts gathered there a lot of people. I had to wear someone else's flight suit and small dashes, so no one saw that no astronaut shoe reach the Tu-154. Maybe even insulted the audience Kazakhs, they prepared gifts, and I ran past. So with bare feet and flew to Ahtubinska.

And only there, at the military airport, dressed in the altitude-compensating suit, flew back to Baikonur on the MiG-25. Because of these delays had to make a night landing with disabled engines in planning mode. Such studies have not been. But all went well. I hugged Marshal Alexander Efimov and kissed her, "Thank you, son."


— In Russia, over the last few days of outright crashes. Plaque civilian aviation pilots, as it were solid, but the planes are falling. What needs to change in the system of training?

— It is necessary to change the whole system of governance. The training of pilots — is particularly against the background of the entire lesion Russian industry, and the first aircraft. Aeronautics — this ridge country. Each workstation in the aircraft manufacturing enterprise creates 4.6 jobs at suppliers devices. The same number of jobs in the steel industry or chemistry. And transportation, health care, and so on. Kill Aircraft branch and you will kill almost everything else.

Because of today's acts of the authorities for the destruction of the Russian aircraft can be called only betrayal own country.

— At the moment the colossal lack of civilian pilots. But military pilots, who threw Serdyukov from the Air Force, for work not actually take. Why?

— This is the stupidity of those who carry out such policies. The level of training military pilot is much higher at least some civilian pilot. Especially when dealing with complex, at one point encountered problems. I am convinced that after the rise ATR-72 Tyumen came easy dumping. And there is a way out of it — to finish the rise and get up to speed on the altitude at which the aircraft was located. And the steering wheel does not handle itself must be taken, as is common with civilian pilots. Without speed, you will not go on the rise, fall! It is necessary, on the contrary, the steering wheel to "give" to gain speed. It was only later to continue to take off. The military pilots is at the level of reflexes. A civilian such things are not currently being taught.

Superjet — Scam

— Aircraft manufacturers try to fight for the Tu-334. Write letters to Putin. There are companies that are ready to order the aircraft. But the KLA and structures that should be responsible for the creation of aircraft, from this plane kicking in every way. Why?

— All of the regional aircraft or obsolete and removed from the line, or Medvedev allowed to fly. It was impossible to reach many villages Fri, particularly in the areas of Siberia and the Last of the North.

In the 2000s, the question was rising — there is no regional aircraft. Then there was a competition to create it. And for some reason it won Misha Pogosyan, who said it would make regional aircraft. And for extra-budgetary funds. But because the "dry" never made civilian aircraft, he has not come to any aircraft with 50 seats or 75 or 90. As a result, instead of a small plane went Superjet 100 seats. And at the expense of the state budget. But this is not a regional aircraft, and mid-range. A point in it there was no — medium-range Tu-334 had already been made and is certified to be vypusheno decision to start its mass production. But the company Sukhoi already bend under him everything. And her opponent was not needed. As a result, up to now a government decree on the Tu-334 is not satisfied. To whom it was profitable? A surface.

With this there is not a senior bureaucrat for 20 years was not injured. The same Khristenko, who almost buried our aviation industry and even dare to say that our country long-haul aircraft are not needed, just moved to another seat.

— In other words, for internal transport aircraft have relatives there …

— The key to regional aviation — the ability to take on at least some airfield. Superjet itself is not allowed. Others have not. But some individuals intensely lobbied Western standards, it is not adapted to our climatic conditions and airfields. This is a tragedy. A senior bureaucrats pretend that everything is fine. In the USSR, these "managers" directly involved in the KGB. Who is currently engaged in them — I do not know.

And the dream we do not hum the Baikonur …

— The head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, said that manned astronautics canceled. Like, a lot of money to eat.

— From the development of manned astronautics began to turn away not Popovkin. Everything came out earlier. When astronaut training center destroyed them. Gagarin (CPC) under the guise of being sent from the Defense Ministry to Roskosmos. When fully upgraded stoked the space station "Mir". And the solutions are not perceived or Popovkin Serdyukov, and the RF President Putin and Medvedev.

Americans want to build their inhabited station "Freedom". It did not work. ISS built on our backlog, but the South American agents. "The world," there was no room. While we have experience carrying the Yankees and the other on the station. But I guarantee: they will make their own ship — and such are working intensively and NASA, and private companies simply expel Russia from there. Who pays — the most lives.

— CPC "raspogonili" by making civilian office. More than 200 officers have to leave the CPC and to transfer, for example, to the Far East or to resign from the Ministry of Defense and left without apartments.

— Serdyukov and those who support it, consciously push of experts from the industry. At the Center for astronaut training in the foreseeable future, you can give up.

And do not think that Sergei Krikalev then spilled Monetary rain, in order that he found and prepared new staff. Not to break apart.

— Where to find new recruits?

— Only in the middle of today's students MAI, MATI, Physical-Technical Institute. Pay them stipends, to lead them, to help get the ability needed for gallakticheskoy science.

— Maybe if in today's situation and come up with a new project to build a reusable gallakticheskoy systems like "Burana"?

— If nothing in the country's policy will not change — definitely not.

Guillotinefor the Russian space

— Maybe it makes sense to revive the authority of chief designers?

— In Russia, the branch of law is not the designers and supply vessels. Earlier, chief designer of the minister opened the door with his foot. And at the moment is not even obliged to bow to the ministers, and some small bandyuganov. The power industry is very cleverly destroyed. First made federal state unitary enterprises, later gave them money in the form of government orders. And they went bankrupt. The carrying value is zero. Market — bn bankrupted — sold his men on the balance sheet. And there is also a brand new wholesale privatization by Medvedev. And while thousands of the remaining defense companies will go under the hammer. Made a corporation, they have allocated large funds that are largely uncontrolled spent on wages. Only minuscule comes to designers. Whether in such a situation gallakticheskaya destroyed and aviation industry? Yes, no options.

— 6 people in the Ministry of Industry is responsible for all aircraft. Will change if the situation on the change of the minister or the head of Roscosmos?

— Change to industrial policy, not puppets on a string. Space, aviation, practically decapitated.

From the Editor. April 12 country celebrate another day of Astronautics. There will be no question of bravura contrived successes, awards uncomplicated, encouraging guilty. Igor Volk glancing ceremony on TV. Like the 10's of thousands of other real and not contrived Patriots space. Which are not due to our government, but in spite of its decisions still make unique gallakticheskie devices. Launch people into orbit. Help them out of the Mission Control Center. Do their job. Without fanfare and sonorous words.

Congratulations to you!

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