Our hidden agent in NATO

December 20 marks the 90th anniversary of the Russian intelligence services outside

90 years ago has been recreated Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, disintegrated before the revolution and the civilian war. Its foundation began scouts illegals and their agents in different organizations opposing our government states. Not so long ago, "SP" in the article "Requiem for a resident with his wife" told about the State Security Colonel Vladimir and Galina Fedorova (Cen undercover aliases and Jeanne), which is almost my entire adult life working in Europe, seeking information from state significance. Now we are publishing material about one of the operations carried out by them, as a result of which an attempt was thwarted by the United States to start a nuclear war.

Plan "nuclear blitzkrieg"

These days are celebrated once (very gloomy) anniversary. In December 1950, the then South American President Truman signed the directive, which is a plan nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. It was not the first such document. In the autumn of 1945 in the United States began to develop plans for nuclear aggression against the Russian Union. The starting point of military planning is the doctrine of "first strike" — a surprise nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. The first military plans drawn up in 1945, to anticipate the atomic bombing of 20 Russian cities. And the plans codenamed "Cheriotir" and "Fleetwood", composed in 1948, was offered in the first month of the war to throw off already 133 nuclear bombs on 70 Russian cities, killing more than 6.7 million people out of 28 million inhabitants of these cities, that, according to the South American command will cause the Soviet capitulation. Naturally, it was still only theoretical component of planning. But taken practical steps, in the U.S. deployed strategic aviation, the USSR were built around the South American military bases, military units to cobble together.

In September 1949, it became clear: the Soviet Union created an atomic weapon. Temporary monopoly on it put an end to the U.S., which caused panic and immediately attack militancy in army circles. The initial reaction of the Pentagon — immediately strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union. In great haste in a plan a "Trojan" — to bring down about 300 atomic bombs and 10's of thousands of tons of conventional bombs on 100 Russian cities. For planning purposes, the date of the start of the war against the Soviet Union set Jan. 1, 1950. Plan a "Trojan" check in staff games, the results of which have been disappointing. It turned out that it can be performed only by 70%, the loss will be more than 55% of the number of bombers. Here and there was a plan of the coalition war against the Soviet Union ("Dropshot"). They established that the NATO countries and other countries in Europe and Asia put up against the army of the country a total of 20 million people and the entire U.S. nuclear power. This terrible plan was opened by our scouts.

Source Brig

With the help of our agents Moscow time the warning signal and the Russian political and military leadership understood the operational plans of NATO generals. To extract this information Fedorov helped very serious source at the headquarters of NATO (agent name of Brig.) He was hooked on ideological grounds, and never perceived monetary support.

Often came from Brig valuable information about the upgrade and modernization of the Bundeswehr German, documents the planning committee of the NATO Headquarters on individual tasks of military units and their combat equipment, the system of command and control, policies and strategies. The then NATO summit (Adolf Heusinger, Hans Speidel, Heinz Trettner) developed the hidden agendas, which in certain situations envisaged, namely military action against Czechoslovakia, the German Democratic Republic and the use of nuclear weapons. The proof of this in advance of the acquired disk imaging is a series of maneuvers of NATO military forces in the course of which were staged various strikes in the eastern napravlenii.V information flow occupied a large place information on the persons of the number of different governing structures NATO. For example (for the moment it is no longer a secret) on Heinze Trettnere Center knew, perhaps, as a person and as a military and political figure everything right up to the small details: how he spends leisure time, his relationship with family and friends , friends, human helplessness and weaknesses of his nature.

From Brig received information about the positions of individual Western European countries or groups of countries, even at great political dilemmas. For example, the results of intergovernmental negotiations on the attitude of Western Europe in the process of formation of independent countries in Africa. The other day, the yearly sessions of the General Assembly of the United Nations Brig passed on secret information about upcoming positions of the leading European countries on major issues of day or agenda. Fully understand that this information is very useful for the Russian delegation, leaves the session.

Warheads in Europe

At one point, Cen Brig signal received from the emergency call to the meeting. Met at the appointed place.

— Brig immediately got down to business — said to me, Misha V. Fedorov. — It turns out that the camera has been corrupted, and had to be rushed perefotografirovat documents special significance. They were transferred to several professionals, including Brig to form an opinion for the upcoming session of NATO. It was in their nuclear arsenal of some compounds of NATO in Europe. Brig warned it could throw the material in less than an hour. By adopting the package, I went out of town to the area of forest, found a comfortable, quiet place on the edge, where daylight conditions fully meet the photographing of material on high-speed film that I previously had to be done in the car somewhere in the hidden place. Usually, when they met with their agents I had while for a portable camera "Minox". Having finished filming, I returned the package just right, got in his car and quickly drove off. I should hurry, because the road was certainly necessary to call the supplier of products for my office and order another batch of satin silk. This business transaction I excused his absence firme.Tak as details were really urgent, I immediately sent a film center in the unmanifested form on which had a communication channel, and the night radioseansom sent a telegram: "Center. Now meeting Brig submitted documents urgent importance on individual combat equipment of military units of NATO. Cassette with unprocessed film focuses on the channel for you, "Mark." Cen. "

Ripped off Armageddon

The greatest value of the material submitted with the highest security classification "Cosmic", a copy of the hidden documents about military preparations of the North Atlantic bloc against the Soviet Union and the states of people's democracy. This refers to the first single, comprehensive operational plan for a nuclear attack on our country. He was, as previously mentioned, developed by the Pentagon in December 1950 and adopted to deal with NATO. Soon this, the most treasured part of the plan of the West on nuclear deterrence, thanks Fedorov and Brig received in Moscow. In the following the plan changed, and amended, extended in respect of the means employed and the extent of damage, actually own remains constant: offensive, brutal, tough and bitter.

According to the scenario strategists North Atlantic contract if a conflict breaks out in Europe, it is most likely he will
start on the area of Germany where the main forces are concentrated euro Theatre NATO troops forward deployed, storage of nuclear and chemical warheads. Forces of "containment" of the document prescribed "to engage the enemy on the border of Germany's political and conduct combat actions in order to halt the enemy as far as possible in the east, to reduce its combat capability to such a level that he could not resume his attack."

What are the methods of the "containment" of NATO to anticipate the potential enemy? Nuclear bombs, so called "selective attacks on the theater of military operations," in other words, by regions of Germany. Recommended four options strike: "total", "selective", "restricted" and "regional". "Light" kick turn buildings into splinters, "medium" — will leave on their sand, and "heavy" — a small town, worn almost to dust. But then West Germany — is not the desert of Western Sahara. The density of the population in Germany is so great that the use of nuclear weapons would inevitably lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of women, old people and kids, to the destruction of cultural monuments, museums and churches. Is it aware of NATO generals and their colleagues from the Bundeswehr? It turns out, aware of, and accepted the inevitable fate by inventing Jesuit ("justify" their position), the term — "vulnerable zones". In other words, specifically those that can capture a possible opponent. Everything was meticulously calculated and named in terms of the objectives to be destroyed its nuclear forces of the NATO area of Germany.

The document «Northzig C 75/145/68» such great town as Hamburg, Bremen,
Hannover, Gottingen, and a dozen other smaller ones were listed in the plans of NATO as a target for the nuclear bombing in the event of a military conflict in Western Europe. Residents of these cities would obviously not lucky, they would be in a "vulnerable area" and had to pit with the face of the earth, without even knowing that falls on their heads NATO tool of "deterrence".

"Clearly, it is unrealistic to resist the main enemy attack for a very long time without appeal to nuclear weapons — the statement said — and it is entirely possible to imagine that the supreme commander of the combined forces of NATO in Europe, will give an order to use nuclear weapons." The text does not even hint at the fact that, before the pressure on the nuclear button, the Western Allies were going to have some kind of political advice or get the approval of their actions on the part of Congress, or parliament Bundestag. Nope on what they say, do not have the time and the individual decision to be taken … South American General!

Due to the fact that these documents were in those years made public, NATO plans to have lost the quality of surprise. And others have been changed, over the "declassification" of which may operate current Russian spies and their assistants. As the saying goes, God help them!

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