Our Israeli UAVs cheaper

Our Israeli UAVs cheaper

Gennady Trubnikov, chief designer of the St. Petersburg company "Kronstadt technology," giving an interview at the ongoing exhibition in Moscow unmanned aircraft, said that "manufactured by" Kronstadt technology " UAVs Israel is better that you plan to gather in. The main thing — it's the cost issue, specifically on this indicator, we produce many times cheaper, despite the fact that both our and Israeli drones have both positive and negative side. "

He also listed the technical merits of the Russian drone, calling the first parameter such as the duration of the flight. UAV "Watch-100 "can fly 10 hours, it Israeli analogs Searcher Bird Eye or up to 6 hours. "Our UAV can double proparhat terrain of Israel and twice to turn back, "- said the designer. Besides, Trubnikov said, developers of" Watch-100 "during its development started from the temperature ranges from -50 to +40 gradusov.Trubnikov added that on board our "Watch-100" is the Image. "Unlike the transmitted video picture from them, we still have a photographic material, in other words, image processing and video mode, and a photo. This photographic material can obtain electrical card removably coordinates targeting and delivery of real-time "- said designer.

But for all that, he admits that Russian manufacturers still lag behind Israel in quality of transmission lines and optical-infrared imager heads. "In this they are by far the best in this we are lagging behind. Plus, they are very extensive experience in implementing UAVs in practice, namely, logged more than 500 thousand hours. Such a plaque that says that their technique worked perfectly implementation" — said Designer. He stressed that the introduction of such a great practice, first, related to the use of UAVs in the fight against terrorists in Israel, with their application in military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. "This is a combat experience, and we are nowhere their UAVs was used. It will take time, so that was tasked to, and we have worked out a method of implementation "- said Trubnikov.

The cost of "Watch-100" is the sum of a million dollars, compared with Israel's Bird Eye 400, but Israeli UAV is a class below.

According to the portal IzRus, October 12, 2010 Itzhak Nissan, General Director of the Israeli concern Israel Aerospace Industries, has signed a contract with the Russian state-owned company to supply Rosoboronprom party UAV in the amount of 400 million dollars. Israeli drones will be delivered to Russia in unassembled and assembled at the Kazan Helicopter Plant.

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