Our kids were braver and more honest to us

Our kids were braver and more honest than us

If you have a German last name Mueller is like that does not have a name, then be Russian in Russia is still that does not have a nationality. Pay attention: the Chechens have the right to proudly call themselves Chechens, Ingush — Ingush Tabasaran — Tabasaran, but if Russian begins to be proud of their own nationality, he immediately bonded yarlychek fascist, anti-Semite or a skinhead.

TV screens and newspaper pages we constantly taldychat that Russian — drunks and parasites that Russian hands grow out of your ass, and that Russian patriotism — the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Meanwhile, we have something to be proud of. In what would Kapovoj Cave sits at the moment it is the most population of the earth, do not be on the ground of the Russian people? Steam engine, invented by sliders, consider the British invention watts. The plane, which has July 20, 1882 flew Maj. Gen. Alexander F. Mozhayskiy, attributed to the Wright brothers themselves comfortable coming from a catapult 23 years later, and overflying the least minute. Radio, invented by Popov, was credited with the Italian Guglielmo Marconi. Table our chemist Dmitry Mendeleyev table names Julius Lothar Meyer, Great coined peasant Artamonovs Verhoturie from a provincial village, attributed the Comte de Sivraku and helicopter, invented by Dr. Yuriev, attributed the Breguet brothers. But if the Russian electrical engineer, inventor and businessman Pavel Pavel Nikolayevich did not invent the electronic light bulbs, which, by the way, according to Edison's invention, our foreign brothers in mind until now were sitting at a candle.

But if we are so smart, why are so poor? Our The Russian God gave us the richest country in the world. Why are we in their own country are living like the poor relatives in our native country, where we have an absolute numerical majority, the means and the power to have everything anyone, apart from Russian?

Remember how a few Spartans who were not engaged in anything except military affairs, kept all of Laconia military force, and helots were fed and clothed? Remember, as yet only recently, before South Africa appeared Frederic Declercq, 80% of blacks served 20% of white, and they successfully kept their military and police power? What did we miss in order to force the small natsmenov relate to us, the owners of the country, with a tribute to respect?

We do not have the nerve. Chutzpah is not second happiness. Chutzpah is happiness first. On the contrary, our kindness and generosity all our other mistaken for weakness and timidity. As it would be naive to expect that in Butyrskoj bullpen will adore and respect the institute's doctors, and there are no grounds for holding that Russian people love and admired by other nations. So maybe that's enough already to substitute other cheek?

We have long time to realize that it is not our task to build the best cars. Let them do for us Germans. It is not our task to sew the best clothes. Let us to sew her French. Our task to build the best rocket, the best fighting the best tanks and aircraft. Then we as a tribute will supply and clothes, and cars, and home appliances. Do you remember how to be obsequious with Brezhnev President Nixon when he got the information about the military Advantages of RF over America, as Carter reluctantly substituted a cheek under Brezhnev kissing? Then, 30-40 years ago, we were feared and respected. But in that hour, when the fate of our country, we went to defend the Kremlin is not reddish, and white-washed house. For if our grandfathers died on the fronts of countless wars, that we suddenly poherili all their conquests? Narodishkom wanted to be normal and live for their own bellies, as some Dutch people live in their own tiny stranishkah? It will not work. Not that we people. Or are we going to dominate the Eurasian space, or enslave us, and later be killed at the physical level.

Now the fate of Russian civilization. What happened in that not enough who believed: a new generation that has grown up in the country under the heel of shredded money capital of the world and being in his employ ethnic criminal groups, came out and showed the world that the Russian people alive. Live and ready to fight. This can not entertain. In the end, we have no one who is alone against 100. But now we should expect a reciprocal course. Our enemies will not leave it so, and our little boys zapressuyte so that forever discourage show his Russian identity. Because at the moment it's our turn. Of all those who were born and grew up under Khrushchev, Brezhnev, when, who took in the eighties for 200 rubles South American Jeans, who defended the ninety-first is not even wrong. Let's fix what we have done then, and we will not give offense to our children who have been braver and more honest than us!

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