Our office and unsafe and difficult!

Our service is dangerous and difficult!

Virtually every country has its own army, but, far not many young men at the age of 18 years have to be afraid that there will come a day when they will have to learn to defend the fatherland. After all, in advanced countries army based on Prof. soldiers who signed the agreement, with the knowledge of the case are for the benefit of the country in exchange for money. But the countries of the former CIS such an army can not brag. Furthermore, army in these countries, not just forced and terrible, because it hazing and anarchy reigns. Because wanting to protect the family in the countryside of our country becomes less, because boys want to live and to be awake, and ensure that our troops, unfortunately, not able to. So much and came into use inductees such a thing as a "slope from the army," with which you can save both life and health, paying the necessary people.

The first question for the recruit who received a summons is next: "But whether to go to the military or can sit, suddenly forgotten, miss? At this, but we can not count, because If you had to agenda, mean, the guy on the account and remember him. Moreover, for the late appearance according to the agenda, with the inductees will be charged a real penalty for ignoring — punishment, just prior to the initiation of a criminal case even for desertion. Because the agenda is to be taken seriously! Trying to fool the draft board is not necessary, it can lead to unnecessary consequences, but, legitimately overcome it's worth a try, because at stake is health, and may even be life inductee. This can assist legal aid recruits, specially organized for those who do not agree to mutilate his life for the army.

The main reason for failure to appear deferential to the military — the disease. Certainly, it must be on the alert in advance in writing, but you can simply provide a certificate (sick) when visiting the commissariat. Nasty campaign also canceled if a close relative in need of care recruit. This situation recruit and releases from liability (penalty).

Unleash the army disease! If the district and the city medical commission surveyed unfit for service, the recruit is issued a "white" card, claiming exemption from the army for the disease. Another prerequisite of liberation — in the presence of 2-family and more than minor children.

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