Our Our homeland: Forward into the Kingdom of Truth!

Our Russia: Forward into the "Kingdom of Truth!"In the network again until the text "Hey, people!".

Now, 07 April, when Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary — one of the 12 major (Twelve) prazdnichkom in the Orthodox calendar, online reappeared text, named "Listen, people!", Representing a statement on behalf of the Council of the Guardians of the Russian Civilization . This text refers to the People's Assembly of the Russian Federation:

LISTEN, People!

Our Our homeland: Forward into the "Kingdom of Truth!"

1. On the future of our RF

Our children and grandchildren will soon be asked — what do you leave us? What is the answer we give future generations? Why prevent the destruction of this country by God?

Our sin — of cowardice. In fragmented. In the absence of civilian courage. Only by overcoming animal terror for his own skin, only reaching the unity which had a glorious forefathers fought for the creation of the country's sovereignty and Russian in the fight against ferocious foe — Old Khazars in 971, at the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380 in the fight against the invaders under the People's Militia management of Minin and Pozharsky in 1612 at Borodino in 1812, at Moscow in December 1941 — we will be able to get rid of shame today.

In the Russian Federation has its own unwritten historical constitution for centuries stored, develop and teach many generations, and it determines the municipal system of the Russian Federation in the form of the State and the stateliness as Russian Empire as a sovereign country with the County edinonachalnym form of democracy and the principle of municipal governance. Historical Constitution of the Russian Federation defines municipal ideology as its national ideology having a basis of their own moral values, cultural and historical heritage of the Russian civilization.

Out of the crisis — Transformation of the Fatherland is a return to direct democracy. Simulation, the sovereign "democracy" Home did not help out. In so harsh hour — just people, and as the ultimate source of sovereign power, can lead Russia out of the crisis. We — Lude Alexander Nevsky and St. Sergius of Radonezh, Minin and Pozharsky, Pushkin and Tolstoy, Suvorov and Zhukov, the Queen and the Kurchatov. We — the heirs of stateliness wins. Victory will be ours!

We believe that, as in the old days — will be able to overcome the confusion and decay. The zeal to live by the truth — this is the standard, which is the main driving force of the Russian people — his State Thought: "Our great motherland — the Kingdom of Truth."

2. Our image of the future of RF devices

1. The municipal system — Empire

2. The form of government — national autocracy, democracy and zemskoe conciliar government.

3. Municipal ideology — in Russia in due course recognized municipal ideology based on the spiritual and moral values, cultural and historical heritage of the Russian civilization.

4. Our homeland — social government — a decent life and free development of the individual: full employment and the competitiveness of their own labor, the value of work, equal social support for people free health care and education, municipal guarantees social standards and quality of life.

5. The civilian nationalism — the Russian people recognized a state, with all this protected right of every people and nation to implement its national cultural identity

6. People's property — all the natural resources and public property belongs to the people, the executive used only for the benefit of the people by implementing the right of every citizen of the Russian Federation to profit from its use, and can not be detached without the consent of the people.

7. Higher values of the country:

MAN — A man as the image of God, human rights and freedom, dignity and worth of the individual, the duty and responsibility of the citizen involvement in the universal mission of the greatness of the motherland.

People — Autocratic and sovereignty of the people, and the spiritual unity of civilian civilization collegiate responsibility to future generations, the natural solidarity and mutual trust.

HOMELAND — patriotic unity of all people, inalienable, natural and sacred right, also historical, human and religious duty.

NATURE — The base and the beginning of all beginnings, is the realm of the sacred and the nurse people, earthly fathers and nest Protz.

FAITH — The spiritual universality, the sanctity of the Fatherland, the spiritual sovereignty and spiritual freedom, the value of spiritual and moral values, the power of self-determination to the best and solidarity action for the sake of a common goal.

CULTURE — Foundation and value-sense code of the current lifestyle of the people, the foundation of education, upbringing, education and popular enlightenment, spiritual and moral foundation values of the people.

JUSTICE — An age-old hope for the best: a life of righteousness, in justice and conscience, a symphony of religious spirituality and socio-conciliar governance, social justice and civilian consent.

LOVE — The love of neighbor and love of the motherland, love of the spirit of his people, the sanctity of family life and the inviolability of the unity of man — Family — Genus — Lud — Motherland — Nature, power, full of love — the benevolent power.

8. Higher values of the country:

Protecting the viability of the motherland.

Conserve, multiplication and prosperity of the people.

Power to the people, not people for the government.

National wealth for the benefit of the people.

The reunion of the peoples of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Global Leadership Russian Empire.

9. Municipal authority in Russia produce: supreme power — Head of State, the People's Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Management authority — the State Council, the Municipal Duma, the Russian government, courts of.

10. The President — The President is the guarantor of the Constitution and the highest values of the country, take positive measures to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the state, provides the functioning of the organs of state power, determines the main directions of domestic and foreign policy of the country. The President is elected by the People's Assembly of the Russian Federation by voting.

11. The People's Assembly of the Russian Federation — is the supreme body of people — whole people meeting consisting of the deputies of the regional People's Assembly is elected by direct vote of the local People's Assembly, and representatives of state power and the major social strata of the country convened for collective solutions to the major issues of the country's living arrangement.

12. The People's Assembly of the Russian Federation shall determine: the socio-political system, ideology and municipal national strategy takes characteristics and aspects of quality of life assessment of all branches and levels of state government, forms the composition of his own two houses — the Municipal Council and the State Duma.

13. Municipal Duma — is constantly acting legislative body of state power generated from among the deputies of the National Assembly of the Russian Federation with proportional representation from each region.

14. The State Council — is at times going to a presentable body of state power generat
ed from the Heads of Regions, President of the Regional People's Assembly, the members of the Government of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Higher Judiciary.

15. The executive power — the executive branch makes the Russian government. Prime Minister appoints the head of the country with the approval of the State Council.

16. The Judiciary — the highest judicial bodies are the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Tribunal and the Supreme Arbitration Tribunal.

17. Territorial self-government — the bodies of territorial self-government without the help of others manage the property and business activities on its territory, establish local and regional taxes, form the budget, make the protection of public order, organize Zemsky justice system, social security, health care and public education.

18. The value of state law — in Russia there are undeniable value of public interest and the state law on international treaties and agreements.

3. On urgent measures to protect the public interest in our RF

1. The introduction of the death penalty for the most serious crimes, especially for corruption in large sizes, for crimes against humanity and civilization.

2. Conduct of mandatory universal declaration of property rights and the proof of the legality of capital sources to acquire them.

3. The introduction of the mandatory declaration of income and expenditure for municipal employees and their families, the ban on dual citizenship and placing money abroad in foreign banks, is also mandatory benefit of annual screening procedures of corruption on a polygraph.

4. Preventing Targeted disruption of national identity, the loss of moral values, historical and cultural traditions and civilization corrupt media disk imaging, promotion of alien values and standards, the decomposition of the foundations of the country, the prohibition of advertising defects in at least some form.

5. Ensuring complete security for the individual, society and the country at the expense of the property and power of the Armed Forces, the recovery capability of the armed forces.

6. Restoration of the classical system of general education and professor training, public education and public enlightenment elimination of CSE.

7. Legal assessment of check and deposit auctions and other devices lawless nation-wide privatization of accessories, also reclaim the responsibility of officials who prepared, signed and ratified the decision on the termination of the USSR, grossly violated the will of the people on the preservation of the USSR, expressed in the referendum March 17, 1991.

8. Our home does not have to solve other people's strategic tasks, but should concentrate on solving their own problems their own state of development — an indisputable priority of securing public interests over though what duties and external circumstances.

4. On the recent economic policy in our RF

1. Gradual release of the Russian business from most taxes, filling out the fee from bank transactions, the introduction of a progressive scale of deductions from income and consumer rental payments for the use of state property and natural resources.

2. Inventory of public property and natural resources, public assessment of the effectiveness of their use, establishing criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the municipal government.

3. Full employment and the competitiveness of Russian labor, job creation, first, post-graduate and professor of educational institutions.

4. Protectionism Russian producer, advanced development of infrastructure on a public-private partnership — jobs, housing, roads, transport, communications and energy.

5. Prioritizing the use of budget funds in national infrastructure projects, the restoration industry development innovations and subsidizing of agriculture at the level of not less than rivals.

6. System Restore planners of economic management, the establishment of state monopoly on the creation and implementation of alcoholic products, and foreign trade in natural resources.

7. Restoration of the military-industrial complex controlled by the state, meeting the needs of the armed forces in the arms and military equipment in its entirety to reflect all the challenges and threats of.

8. The introduction of the ruble convertible secured by all of the country's national treasure, the nationalization of the Central Bank of Russia.

5. The People's Truth

So it was that on the main law of our God stored the country, "the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power," he called the people, and not the various branches presentable democracy. Because now he n people together with all the fraternal peoples of indigenous land owner has the right to speak Russian and a customer of that business, which in truth should be the elected and appointed bureaucrats from top to bottom.

Let not mute the voice of the voters at the next formal elections without a choice, but a living voice of the people, by selecting the service of Truth own best sons and daughters will gather in Mandate of the People for the edification of the authorities on the ancient tradition that is any, and what you do not like, and who povinet, and what to do, whom to execute, and who show mercy!

We invite everyone to join the voice of the people and without the help of others without being told "well-wishers" to make the most important in the modern history of the Russian Federation choice of development path, through historically inherent value foundations of the Russian civilization universities genuine democracy, meeting June 12, 2011 in prazdnichek Holy Trinity Russian public forum " People's Assembly of Russia. "

Let our segodnyaschy power before the elections will reflect the will of the people and their rights!

Brothers and sisters, the time for us to become established among the people, which under the right at all times was the owner of the land of Russia, and to dispose of his rights under the law of justice and fairness, but this time without the stupid and brutal executions!

We are convinced that once we put things Coupled order in our country and solve our main task — Transfiguration of the Russian Federation!

OUR Our homeland — Lofty Our homeland — the Kingdom of Truth!

Council of Guardians of the Russian Civilization

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