Our plane 5th Generation outshine everyone in the world

On Saturday, August 14, Air Force Commander Colonel General Alexander Zelin, speaking on the radio station "Echo of Moscow" on plans to re-Russian air force, mentioned the brand new fighter fifth-generation T-50.

The creation of a new aircraft in the current time the company does "dry." According to Chief of the Air Force T-50 will not yield to their features similar U.S. aircraft. Zelin said that at the present time there are no obstacles to the implementation of the tasks. "Everything is going to plan, in a timely manner. In 2013, we need to get pre-trial detention, which will allow us to begin the purchase of new aircraft. Since 2015 plane will be supplied to the troops, "- said the commander in chief.


The first flight of the prototype standard fighter was held January 29, 2010 in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. The plane was piloted by distinguished test pilot of Russian Federation Sergey Bogdan. Experienced model spent 47 minutes in the air and made a landing on the runway of the airport industry.

Compared to the previous generation fighter T-50 has a number of unique features. For example, he joins in the functions of attack aircraft and fighter. The aircraft will be functional: able to hit targets both on the ground and in the air at any time of the day regardless of the weather criterion. A distinctive feature of the T-50 is a super maneuverability: fighter is capable of controlled flight at low speeds and large angles of attack.

T-50 already managed to get the nickname "Russian stealth": plane virtually invisible in the optical, infrared and radar spectra waves can soar and land, using land runway length of 300-400 m

The general told that the Air Force Command plans to purchase more than 60 such aircraft.

Air Force Commander also told about plans to re-front and army aviation. Gosplan weapons, according to Zelin, actually made-up will be implemented.

"We have 10 years to rearm the front and army aviation is 100% military-transport aircraft — about 70%. From a strategic aircraft modernization Let us with the hope that we would build a promising aviation complex distant aircraft, "- said the chief.

Zelin confirmed that our homeland is developing orbital planes, capable of operating in gallakticheskom space. According to him, such developments are underway at the moment everywhere. "We carry us. We can not be in the convoy. There is a design, there is awareness of how to do it, there are technical solutions "- said the general.

The Commander in Chief told listeners to equip four new ships of the "Mistral", which is planning to purchase our home in France, and the two of them planned to build in. "On the" Mistral "will be based our helicopters Ka-52", — said Zelin.

It also became clear that the command of the Air Force is planning to make a single 2012 Research and Training Center at the Air Force base in Voronezh Military Institute.

"By 2012 there will be created a unified scientific-educational center in Voronezh Air Force on the basis of the military institute, which will include offices for training pilots and air defense professionals," — said Zelin. Immediately on the basis of the Municipal Flight Test Center in Lipetsk Defense will be created single center re-training of flight personnel. Zelin stressed that in these United Center will train pilots for all law enforcement agencies.

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