Our site year.

 May 21 — the official launch date of our site … A year has passed, it happened not enough, we want to thank everyone who visits it. Especially want to thank: EcoWars — for the great informationAll for a reason! — For excellent translations and valuable informationOko-Planet — for the amount of information available

as well as: FinalNEWShttp://planeta.moy.su/http://earth-chronicles.ru/http://the-day-x.ru/I want to show the most viewed materials for the year:1) Will Mars as close to Earth on August 27? Views: 9142 So many people are out of nothing :)2) Jupiter and the Moon in the sky ..Views: 2336 3) Flooding in Thailand. Video. PhotoViews: 21514) Mysterious "buzzing sound" in IrelandViews: 1192Thank you all :)

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