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We had long been planning to talk to the founder and head of the Sverdlovsk regional charity organization "Peacemaker" Vladimir Lomaeva. In past years, our communication was sporadic, but Vladimir catch in Yekaterinburg is not easy.

The constant trips to the world to fulfill their mission? — Peacekeeper mission that requires accumulation of physical and material forces and, most importantly, time consuming. But in spite of his employment at the end of January this year, we still managed to talk with Vladimir. Excerpts from the interview we offer.

— Vladimir, what new has happened in your life and work as a peacemaker?

— Work on the site is not about us. Lot of time to charity work, get acquainted with it, I advise you to visit our web http://mtvorez.ru/, where there is complete information about our activities. Hope you get the answer to many of your questions.

And I would like to go back to talking about the role of the pyramids and the frequent trips to the places where they are. Pyramid as a sort of power centers located throughout the earth. In addition to the known pyramids of Egypt, the pyramids in Mexico, there are undiscovered pyramid, for example, in China, which is many times higher, but hidden under the ground, and they can not be detected visually.

Now, the pyramid — a kind of reference points, some teetering on the planet, and oil? — Is the "blood" of the earth, poured over her "vessel." Everything in this system is linked, everything is in balance. In connection with the motion of the poles there are various changes in our planet, including the move and oil deposits. Oil inside the earth's crust is moving from America to Siberia, and now she stopped in Vietnam and Cambodia, where the recently discovered huge oil reserves, where previously it was not. This is the oil that used to be in the known fields of the Arabian Peninsula.

Sorry, but I think that these countries of Southeast Asia will not have time to take full advantage unexpectedly fell to their sickly economy wealth. Oil will gradually go from there in the direction of our country, closer to the Urals. This process can be compared with an example where, with the right approach to the fields, the oil is pumped out of certain formations, and in the vacuum pumping water. The same is sometimes done with the coal mines.

In this case, the Earth as a living organism, she has been active in opposing the approaching catastrophe, that? K core of the earth is gradually changing its rotation, and this leads to destabilization in the state of the planet, so there is a movement of liquid components in the Earth's crust. Oil is the original rocker Earth. Its movement aligns the position of the planet, preventing a catastrophe.

Therefore, in this situation, the main mission of the peacekeepers is fixing the magnetic field of the Earth, to avoid a sharp reversal of the magnetic field, and everything went relatively smoothly. When the core of the Earth is changing direction of rotation, earthquakes, hurricanes, threatens the existence of biological life on our planet. That's why we are taking the actions, visits to places of power, which is engaged in restoration of the biosphere of the Earth, the closing of the ozone hole, the excitation energy of the Earth ether, applying it to the planet, that all processes have stabilized.

In 2010, proved to be the element of fire, as I said a year ago. In the summer there were many fires, was very hot. In 2010, the most dangerous area was Istanbul, where there was a tension in the earth's crust, there was a real threat of a major earthquake. We carried out the task of stabilizing the field over Istanbul. As a result of our efforts has been avoided this terrible disaster.

— This is a natural process of the Earth, or, above all, blame technocratic civilization of people? And what are your predictions for the future?

— The challenges remain the same in the natural processes of the Earth, the role of people, of course, is palpable, but the main thing — it is a natural course of events on the planet itself.

At the time of the change of the poles of Earth protection is removed, there is a momentary freezing of the ground surface to a temperature below -200 ° C, as the Earth penetrate various space radiation. This happened more than once, and it is a natural biological process. But now we live in a new era, and, in biological life, we have formed a technocratic habitat. Technocratic matrix disadvantageous to biological life was lost, so it is active.

Many predict, but are afraid to risk the inevitable destruction of all life on Earth in 2012. In fact, it does not, because to stabilize the state of the planet, many people are working, as well as representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Extraterrestrial intelligence and the forces of light do not give it to happen. We like us power to prevent it. Now you can just say that this surge will occur.

All natural disasters are added also the action of the people themselves, and modern nanotechnology, aggravating the problem.

Technologically, we came to the creation of new types of weapons were even possible impact on the environment, but most of all, like children playing with this weapon, not realizing the full extent of its possible negative impact on nature. This can be traced to a failure to start Hadron Collider, which is one of the greatest scientific achievements of the XXI century. The Americans in Alaska HAARP, a system to control the climate. In Cambodia and Burma, such a system is built centuries ago in the form of pagodas and stupas, which perform exactly the same function.
All of these "games" and made in the past year, extreme weather conditions, which resulted in a major change in the climate of our planet. The same thing will happen in 2011: climate weapon, collider were not allowed to naturally evolve naturally.

If 2010 was the year of the energy of fire and water, and this — floods, volcanoes, all known summer fires, the 2011 — will be a year of air and land. The year began with a sign: no reason birds fell from the sky and killed en masse, and it was a manifestation of the element of air. This year is more dangerous earthquakes.

For Russia, this will be a year of stabilization, but it will be a lot of added value within. This year there is a twist of the spaces will be many unexpected decisions, unusual changes, but in the stabilization of the general situation of the country.

And the main problem of "peacekeepers" in this year — amortize events complete the stabilization and fixation of the magnetic field of the Earth, thus — to prevent natural disasters or mitigate them. We hope that we will succeed, and for the next hundred years, it will be stable.

Not you write that in 2013 will be open, almost formal contact with aliens?

— Not in 2013, but rather in 2012. Back in 1996, I drew a picture: the clock on the dial which is the time — five. 2012, the fifth month — May. In October 2010, we have discovered, studying crop circles, at the same time — 12 hours, 5 minutes. From all this, I have concluded that, in May 2012 should be an open contact with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

— Which of your trips last year, remember the most?

— Were at Anchor Wat, huge temple complex dedicated to Vishnu, in Cambodia. It is the largest ever built places of worship and one of the most important archaeological sites of the world, built in the reign of King Suryavarman II (1113-1150 gg.).

This complex — Cily symbolic place, a kind of mandala, and this place is important for the Earth as well as the chakra in the human body. Still it can be metaphorically called an assembly plant. There, in the temple of Bayon, is an image of 216 faces, ie 216 measurements and hidden manifestations, which are available in our multi-dimensional world. This temple complex — a hub for managing multiple processes on our planet.

I'll be back to the February trip to Myanmar (Burma). City of Bagan with its thousands of pagodas top striking resemblance here this infamous American station management climate? — HAARP: similar structure, location, but that's amazing that temple? — Thousands of years, and the station, only about a dozen.

In one of the churches I have been opening my previous incarnations, and I realized that here, in a past life has been, I do not even know the local monks. In support of the above, I can give an interesting fact.

When we walked through the temple, I felt that this will now be turning left once my character — MT (Peacemaker), and similarly, turn around — and see the character. Further. I say that there should be a sign of a peacock, and again we saw him. It is I myself once abandoned these signs, so that later, ie Now, remember you. Of course, this does indescribable inner state of ecstasy, of belonging to a real unreality at the time. And you realize that this is evidence that needs to do in this life and what is my destiny.

Temples and pagodas of Myanmar and, of course, other countries play a vital role in the life of the Earth, because it related to the Kundalini of the planet. Temple? — Is the control panel, and by supporting it some action, you can adjust and harmonize the energy of the Earth attunement, people, and the Cosmos.

— Thank you for the interesting conversation. We hope for further cooperation, and together with our readers expect you to new knowledge, new experiences of your visits to countries around the world. Good luck and new achievements in your good work!

Interview by Ivan Shikhov, Igor Governors

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