Outbreak of rabies in the jungles of Ecuador


5.12.11.Pravitelstvo Ecuador set to eradicate the country's bat that caused an outbreak of rabies among residents of the Amazon jungle, which led to the death of eight children and is a young woman in the province of Morona Santiago from November 17.

President Rafael Correa during his Saturday speech, pre-recorded due to visit the head of state on Saturday in Caracas, said that this is a complex problem because of the difficulty of struggle with the bats that transmit the rabies virus, as well as the remoteness and isolation of forest communities in the interior jungle.

Health Minister David Chiriboga said that the only way to fight the disease is mass vaccination of all Amazon tribes, as recorded at the present time to the east of Ecuador outbreak of rabies to humans certainly fatal. The virus is transmitted by animal bites, patients or carriers. In addition to mass vaccination jungle residents, public officials, a program to eradicate the animals, which is the capture of a bat, rubbing cream poison that can kill other bats in contact with poisoned birds in the den. According to the Ministry, has "smeared" 115 bats of livestock around 3000.

President Correa has called Aborigines, who believe in the supernatural origin of the disease, and prefer to be treated by the shamans of the tribe, not to be afraid of modern medicine, noting that many of the children are bitten by the mice were in time to see a doctor, and when they are taken to hospital, it was too late. Rabies outbreak affects three Achuar tribe Indian community in the province of Morona Santiago, 540 Aboriginal communities near the border with Peru, where you can only get to by air.

Source: Ecuador Today

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