Over Bulgaria hung the threat of another flood

Almost half of the country has been exposed to that day of heavy rain and thunderstorms. Due to the high probability of flooding in almost all regions of Bulgaria, including the capital, and many points of resort industry, the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology announced "yellow" code of danger. Therefore urged all residents to be vigilant and observe the safety precautions.

Rain falls in 15 regions of Bulgaria.

In some places, heavy rain accompanied by frequent hail, especially in mountainous terrain. On assurances of a special organization working for the protection of property from this weather, "trouble", a third of Bulgaria is secure. Specifically it concerns the grain and other crops. However, in Sliven crops have failed uberezh from dense hail. Fixed lowering the temperature to 22-27 ° C, in Sofia, the temperature drops to 22 degrees above zero.

Source: ecowars.tv.

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