Overflowing lava lake Ethiopian Erta Ale volcano

Erta Ale — an active volcano in the Afar depression in Ethiopia

Since November 2010, Erta Ale volcano showed increased volcanic activity, "vystrelivaya" hot lava to a height of ten meters.

Erta Ale — one of the most active volcanoes in Africa, characterized by lava lake in the last few decades, perhaps even since the beginning of the 20th century.

His usual activity characterized by moderate bubbling lava and gas release, but since last year, its intensity has increased dramatically.

Since February 2010, the lake level has risen more than 30 meters and diamonds, which ultimately led to the overflow of the lake and to the explosive release of droplets of molten lava into the air since last November.

Just before the eruption in November, was found a series of earthquakes in the Gulf of Aden.

An international team of scientists is now engaged in the research question: is there a relationship between earthquakes and the intensity of volcanic activity.

Lava lake in the caldera of the volcano Erta Ale, Ethiopia.

Erta Ale volcano — part of the Afar Depression in Ethiopia, where the African continent is slowly splitting and where the future will form a new ocean.

Because of rifting in this area, there was a decrease in the thickness of the surface layer of solid continent to such an extent that located deep in the earth molten rock, can reach the surface and form volcanoes like Erta Ale. Rifting process usually takes place very slowly in the range of a few centimeters per year.

However, from September 2005, there is a new phase of intense rifting at high speed in the form of new cracks on the surface of the Afar depression. Such processes are natural, but have never seen in action.

More intense rifting accompanied by more intense volcanic activity.

Presented below video shows the usual behavior of the lava lake. The thin solid crust cracks and replaced molten lava.

Video was made about a year ago and captured the lava before it started to pour.

Translation: Anna Krasnov
Source: Earthquake-Report.com

Source: vseneprostotak.ru

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