Ozersk due to heavy rain went under water vehicles

Ozersk due to heavy rain went under water vehicles

Ozersk, Chelyabinsk Region, June 19 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — In the wild waste Ozersk exposed the underlying problem of urban roads — because of faulty system stormwater cars and passers great flood victims.

As the correspondent of "New Region", on Saturday, the storm broke over the city with a strong storm. As a result, Ozersky road for a few minutes left in the water. First, hit motorists. How to tell the readers of the urban site, because of the downtrodden "livnevok" some cars literally drowned in huge puddles. As a result, had to give the car to be repaired. Now angry drivers are wondering who compensate them for the costs incurred.

"I wonder how much to pay for damaged cars? But this is not force majeure, just rain and sloppiness. And it would be good to introduce personal responsibility, let the guilty pay out of pocket "- writes a visitor under the name vredina.

According to witnesses, a half-hour due to heavy rain turned roads into rivers. The passengers of sunken cars to get outside through the open windows, drivers bailing water out of showrooms. Several motorists during the "Swim" lost license plates.

Get and passersby. In the center of the city near the Eternal Flame some old lady literally washed away and carried in the stream, fortunately, in time came to help pedestrians. Eyewitnesses: some citizens have expressed a real ingenuity. For example, one girl wearing plastic bags on their feet, and thus crossed the pond.

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