Ozersk mass death of fish


Ozersk, Chelyabinsk region, March 14 (New Region, Alla Alexandrova) — The Big Lake Ozersk Nanoga weeks continuing massive fish kills. Local fishermen attribute this to the fact that this year, the water level in the lake is severely decreased, and the ice here is a long time, as a result, according to the fishermen, it just under the ice suffocating from lack of oxygen.

As the "New Region" in the administration of Ozersk, from the middle of last week reported massive fish kill on the Big Nanoge began to arrive in the control room with the town hall. Information is transmitted to the Regional Department № 71 FMBA of Russia to clarify the causes of mass freeze. This will be taken water samples and conducted the necessary tests.

Last weekend at the lake began to work the employees of the road transport. With the compressor they pumped air through the ice. In the coming days, this work will continue. To address the issue joined rescuers. They started obbivat ice along the shore and drill holes in the ice. "If you want to apply other measures. The situation is under control of the head of the district administration, "- said the press service of the city hall.

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