Pakistan and India in the hot loop

Despite the fact that since the last sharp rise in temperature was already a whole week, and the cool monsoon season calendar for a long time has come, the Indian subcontinent is still covered by a zone of high pressure and abnormally high temperatures. For several days, the temperature in the northern and central India does not fall below +43 .. +45 ° C. The temperature of about +45 ° C reported in the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh. The absolute record for the region was recorded in Shriganganadare May 29, 2012 (+47,4 ° C). According to The Times of India, the number of victims reached 80 people weather. There are dozens of cases of serious health problems and routine sleep amid scorching and dry weather.

An official warning about the rise of temperature in the Indian states. In the northeast, squally winds and possible groza.thunder squalls in the northeast.

The media in India and Pakistan, and then leak the news of the failed under the influence of hot air supply lines. Thus, in the Indian state of Chandigarh due to the weather conditions were suspended electricity supply. On the timing of recovery services one does not dare to speak, so people can not use any fans or other cooling devices that work on electricity. Because of the 43-degree heat in Pakistan, Lahore street deserted, as most people prefer to stay at home during the day.
Meteorologists predict a rise in temperature to 48-50 ° C above zero for this part of Pakistan. And the humidity is above 40%. Stifling heat here will last at least a week. Only in the middle of June or in July, when monsoon coolness comes to the north and west of Hindustan from the eastern and southern coasts.

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