Papilloma: treatment time

Papilloma: treatment time

If five years ago the most "fashionable" was diagnosed with chlamydia, but now his confidence has pressed HPV infection. She is more common and more difficult to be cured, but also can cause malignant transformation of tissues.

Just how dangerous this disease and how to treat it, says MD, gynecologist Luxury Marina O. Lazebnaya (Medical Center "VITAMED").

— Marina O., as transmitted human papilloma virus?

To date, the human papilloma virus (HPV) is one of the most common and important sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The virus infected the majority of the sexually active population. Infection (infection) occurs through microdamages (mechanical, bacterial, and others). To cause the infection process, it is enough individual virus particles.

— How does the disease?

HPV infection can occur differently: Erosion of the cervix, skin papilloma (wart), warts on the mucous membranes, etc. The most frequent clinical manifestation HPV infection are genital warts, which usually occur in areas of friction and trauma during sexual intercourse.

The incubation period for genital warts usually lasts from 1 to3-x months, but is often and longer.

— It is believed that HPV — is a precancerous condition …

Without treatment, genital warts can spontaneously disappear, long persist or increase in size and number, transforming into cancer.

— What the survey includes diagnosis HPV infection?

For the diagnosis of the disease HPV infection commonly used polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The method has great diagnostic value and allows the identification of individual HPV types.

Also very important is the examination of the patient for the presence of concomitant STIs. Genital warts in 90% of cases associated with other genital infections, most often with genital chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, gonorrhea, gardnerellezom, human herpes simplex virus 1st and2nd types of candidiasis.

— Marina O., tell us about the treatment of warts.

Clinical management of HPV infection should be individualized. Treatment should be considered: immune status, concomitant somatic pathology associated urogenital infections, and localization of the pathological process, prior antiviral therapy.

— If one partner is ill, you need to be treated to both?

In the presence of genital warts treatment should be carried both sexual partners, and it must begin with concomitant infection. During the period of treatment is shown sexual rest and barrier contraception for 6 months after treatment.

— The most unpleasant symptom of the disease — genital warts. How to get rid of them?

They need to be removed. The efficacy of different treatments for genital warts, taking into account the re-treatment is 60-80%. Genital warts can be removed by surgery: radio-wave technique is widely used in our clinic, electrocoagulation, lazerokoagulyatsiey, as well as chemical degradation (treatment with different solutions). After removal of the papillomatous growths, in order to avoid relapse, requires local treatment with antiviral drugs or taking them inside.

Source: Clinic "Vitamed"

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