Paranormal abilities: deceit, craft or a miracle?

Vladimir Demidov

The interest in the supernatural lies in every one of us at the genetic level. The only difference is that one, say, openly believe in signs, and the other pointed rejects them. As contradictory attitude of the society to magicians, fortune tellers, psychics and other holders of the so-called paranormal abilities. To learn how to distinguish these people from charlatans, whether have a gift suggestion gypsy how much to trust the representatives of alternative medicine, tried to deal with the help of specialists, our correspondent Vladimir Demidov.

Features of Alternative Medicine

And in the days of the Soviet Union with their skepticism of the supernatural were healers, known popularly as the grandmother, grandparents, healers and wise woman. Passing from one generation to the experience, they sometimes even cure diseases, against which conventional medicine is powerless. But there are not many healers, and figure out who is who in fact, is not so easy.

One treats, injure another

Official science is still unknown, as some sort of rural sorceress, not having not only health, but even secondary education, it is possible in just a few sessions to save people from stuttering, hernias, tumors. The most amazing thing is that they often without medication successfully fight infections. Sometimes patients healers became even eminent physicians.

— I myself do not believe in it, yet not experienced for himself — says Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Addiction Kaz NMU them. Asfendiyarov Galia Kudyarova. — It happened about 15 years ago. I caught an infectious disease, which is popularly known as erysipelas. When I unsuccessfully tried all the treatments offered by the official medicine, my mom said, "Although you are a doctor and professor, go to grandma." Fortunately, the neighbor is to be made. After examining me, she punished to come to her at night, when the moon is in a certain phase and bring the chalk and red cloth. I had already swollen leg, burning everything. My grandmother stood at the window, something whispered, tied me up this cloth, whispering something over the water in a bucket and told me to the water a few days saw. Three days later the disease was gone! Since I do not have a categorical denial of unusual ways of healing …

But if during the stay of the Soviet Union such healers were literally one, then at the turn of the 80's and 90's the situation has changed dramatically. Homegrown doctors began to appear like mushrooms after the rain, and the popularity of traditional medicine has been growing by leaps and bounds. However, the craze it sometimes led to the fact that after this treatment the patient was no longer able to help and qualified doctor …

For example, a few years ago in South-Kazakhstan region village healer to death "healed" of the child, trying to save him from the spell of pain in the abdomen, while the child was banal attack of appendicitis. Later the doctor was considered mentally ill. Another witch doctor left the man crippled for life — he tried hard massage to fix an injured spine patient.

Such examples can be given. In 2002, to combat such phenomena in the Public Health Act was amended to provide for compulsory licensing of representatives of alternative medicine. Those who do not have the required document punished. For example, in 2007 in Kyzyl-Orda region for the illegal doctoring were brought to administrative responsibility of five workers LLP "Ata Jol." In February of this year in Kostanai region brought to administrative responsibility woman who called herself folk healer, but not having a license.

God's gift of a piece of paper will not replace

Get a license is not easy. Candidate for healers to get tested in the center of the traditional medicine, checked by a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and TB specialist, and get the conclusion of the state organizations that have, in turn, a special license for non-traditional medical practice.

However, in the preparation of this material I have heard the view that the desire to possess a license — a lot of artisans who put their gifts on the flow and earning money from it.

Indeed, it is hard to believe that some rural grandmother really blessed with the ability to heal, will seek to obtain a license. Money for their assistance such healers usually do not ask, satisfied that they themselves will give grateful patients. And in advertising, they do not need it, because the best recommendation is word of mouth.

By the way, the police said in private conversations that such znaharok they try not to touch it. The reason is clear: everything in God's hands, and the families of people in uniform, too, may one day need the help of a healer.

Trust, but verify

Are there clear criteria for determining the extraordinary abilities of healers? According to Gaul Kudyarovoy, she often had to work in the commissions, decides whether a person has a gift for healing. In her personal observations, most of the candidates in the healers (even if we exclude outright charlatans) rather than healers and artisans who have learned to do massage, herbal cure, mastered some psychotherapeutic techniques but do not have a special gift.

— Of course, there are among them those who heals bioenergy — recognizes Galia Mahmetovna. — I know a woman who, when visiting, asked immediately disconnect all electrical appliances, so they are not blown. But people with such psychic abilities are not very common.

In general, the representatives of alternative medicine should be treated with caution. It is better to look for them on the recommendation of friends who really helped cure, or ask for help in special hospitals, practicing non-traditional methods of treatment. And if the healer promises to cure all diseases (including chronic and incurable), then ask yourself why this "genius" is not booming all over the world, and is gaining customers by publishing advertisements in newspapers?

If a psychic to convince you of my professionalism constantly refers to the fact that about it in the papers, ask to see these books, and if you made a claim to them, pay special attention to whether the publication of advertisements in the those executed in the form of overtly flattering article.

Be sure to ask for a certificate. Do not look at what he is colorfully decorated and has a large print. Carefully read the name of the institution that issued the document, as well as stamps, signatures and other details. The main criterion should be the result of the assistance provided.

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