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What is it?

Abscess — is a purulent inflammation of the tissues surrounding the rectum. Allocate sharp (First emerged), and chronic abscess (developed as a result of undertreated acute paraproctitis).

Why did this happen?

The causes of acute paraproctitis can become non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, traumatic manipulation of the anal canal, the presence of diseases of the anus (anal fissures, hemorrhoids). In some cases, paraproctitis there is no apparent reason.

What's going on?

Through the ducts of glands located in the anus, infection of the lumen of the rectum penetrates into the surrounding tissue. Inflammation develops, forming an abscess.

Depending on the size of the human immune system and the location of the abscess may be different. Abscess can be located directly under the skin of the perineum and deeply between the muscles of the perineum and buttocks.

The disease begins abruptly. There are weakness, malaise, fever and chills, pain in the rectum and perineum. In the area of the anus noticeably limited redness, swelling and tenderness on palpation. If untreated for several days the temperature rises, the pain intensifies, the delay in the urine and stool.

At the first signs of illness or discomfort in the anal region urgently need to consult a surgeon or a proctologist.


Allocate sharp (First emerged), and chronic abscess (developed as a result of acute undertreated paraproctitis), With the formation of pus flowing moves (fistula) and cavities (abscesses).

The most frequent cause of acute paraproctitis: poor personal hygiene, traumatic manipulation of the anal canal, the presence of diseases of the anus. They all lead to the trauma of the mucous membrane of the rectum, and when defects are formed in the fall pathogenic bacteria, there is a purulent inflammation. In some cases, the abscess occurs for no apparent reason.

Detect the disease during inspection and digital examination of the rectum. To avoid complications of acute paraproctitis women also need to consult a gynecologist, and men — a urologist.


Treatment of acute paraproctitis surgery alone. The operation must be performed immediately after diagnosis.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The goal of surgery is to reveal ulcer (abscess) and removal of pus. After ligation surgery is performed, prescribe antibiotics and bracing means. This operation can be carried out in any surgical hospital. However, the opening of the abscess is not a radical operation: after it, as a rule, there are recurrent abscesses (chronic forms paraproctitis). The reason for this phenomenon in the preservation of the inflammatory channel (fistula) between the rectum and surrounding tissues. For a full treatment to re- operation Removal of the fistulous, performed in a specialized proctology hospital.

As a result of the transaction the relationship between oral cancer and ulcer wound. It's called a radical, as leads to a complete cure. For radical surgery immediately after diagnosis of acute paraproctitis often does not lead to success, as it is likely an injury of the anus and the development of fecal incontinence. Nevertheless radical operation, made after ulcer healing, provides a complete cure of the disease.

With the untimely surgery acute paraproctitis may develop complications purulent destruction of the wall of the rectum and / or the walls of urethra in men, the breakthrough of pus in the vagina in women.

The most severe complication is the breakthrough of pus in the cavity of the pelvis, that the late diagnosis can lead to death.

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