Park Avialesookhrana resp.Komi added 2 aircraft

July 5, in the district of Kazan Izhemsky arrived AN-2, which if necessary will be promptly delivered to forest fires to extinguish professionals. Today is expected to arrive in the area Knyazhpogostky (Emva) light aircraft Yak-18, which will be used to patrol the area.

In addition to new aircraft in the Park "Avialesookhrana" also listed three other small-engine aircraft, which are located in Izhme, Ukhta, Syktyvkar, and four AN-2 (in the Trinity-Pechora, Ust-Kulomski, Kortkerosski and Udorski areas). In the past year, to fight forest fires in Komi has been involved three aircraft An-2 aircraft and three small aircraft.



"Last week at a meeting in Rosleskhoz our technology is used in fire hazardous period Aviation is recognized as one of the most effective and recommended for use in other regions — shared Vladimir Drobakhin. — Meanwhile, the technology is not that complicated: we use small aircraft to monitor and AN-2 — for the delivery of its employees and people involved in the fire. In case of emergency helicopters are used republican enterprise "Komiaviatrans."

In comparison, the cost of using a helicopter in one hour is 80,000 rubles, AN-2 KRLTS cost of 30 thousand rubles per hour, light aviation — 19,000 rubles.






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