Park children’s railway in the Voronezh region g.Liski joins modern locomotive

South-East children's railway entered a new modern locomotive.

TU-10 narrow-gauge locomotive, designed Kambarka machinery plant Children's Railways JSC "Russian Railways". Beginning in 2010, these locomotives were received by 20 children's railways. 

Renewal of rolling stock Southeast children's railway, which is located in the city of Voronezh region LISKI, held as part of the investment program of OAO "Russian Railways" to equip the small arteries of modern technology.

The locomotive is equipped with two driver's cabs, which allows for movement in both directions, as well as the latest technological innovations, radio, security system, automated devices and microprocessor-based electronic control, monitoring and diagnostics with automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing device remote start. The locomotive used energy-saving technology.

Today in the Park children's railway, two locomotives and three passenger cars. In the near future will go three new passenger cars.

Recall that the Children's Railway in the South-Eastern Railway was opened in August 1989 in the Park of Culture and Rest of LISKI Voronezh region. Now here comes the large-scale reconstruction. Built a two-storey school building, a new service location workshops. Replacement of railway track length of 1,600 meters. Currently are finishing work and landscaping. The facility will be put to the end of the year.

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