Passive smoking

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In recent years, there is growing evidence that the so-called passive smoking (Inhalation of air with tobacco smoke) Smoking contributes to the development of diseases peculiar to smokers.

A lit cigarette is the source of the side stream smoke (apart from the main stream, enjoyed smokers) which effect on others.

Passive smoker, being in a room with smoking continuously for one hour inhales a dose of some gaseous constituents of tobacco smoke, which is equivalent to half of cigarettes smoked. However, the dose of respirable particles of solids, including resin and somewhat less than 0.1 corresponds to the smoking of the cigarette.

Effect on growth being under the influence of tobacco smoke in the home, especially if you smoke two or more people, and if smoked during the mother's pregnancy. Bronchitis and pneumonia in children under one year of age develop more often if smoking parents.

A small child is much worse protected from secondhand smoke than adults. In the families of the children of smokers, nahodyaschihsyav the same room with parents who smoke are twice as likely registered respiratory diseases compared with children parents that smoking in a separate room, or with the children, parents non smoking.

However, the results of the health of school children of smoking parents did not speak specifically about the dangers of passive smoking.

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