Pelevin, as a strategic weapon. And SNUFF — a model of the world.

This book was on the decline last year and has become probably the most powerful job guru VP in the last decade. Pelevin — a literary phenomenon that goes far beyond the Russian-speaking world, not only in terms of total circulation (will not be wrong if it is a six-digit number), the diversity of languages and translation kolichstvo naskirdovannyh premiums. Far more important than the relevance of his prose, where, under a thick layer of dry grotesque banging heart of common sense and deep longing for meaning. The emergence of "SNUFF" dispel all fears in crisis, "genre" of this New Storyteller. Here's a short excursion into the essence of his new notions.



Udavshiesya read the novels of Victor Pelevin (a «SNUFF», no doubt, was a success) — is, as in the case of the best examples of Russian classics in general, enjoy a taste of somoistyazaniya. This, you know, sweet masochism session, which, however, would not want to interrupt. Especially for other writing fraternity, which, unlike Mr. Pelevin, can not yet afford to publish a print run of 150,000 copies. Note that the VP is not a secret to Dostoevsky heroes, not kishkovymatyvayuschem ethical paroxysm, not really. Impressions of his texts as a kind of slightly tinted story fascinating conversation with himself. Only this "you", which broadcasts out of space on the other side of the pages, much less tongue-tied and phenomenally uninhibited in his mocking imagination, for your (reader), much to the embarrassment and even more fun. After all, how interesting it is: and thought something familiar to sweaty palms, and the idea of something, the number of hovers over the ear, as the heavy July flies — but … He grabbed something, my dear, not you! And how deftly grabbed a rollicking shredded so as elegantly served!

Who is mr Pelevin? A skillful hunter informational trends, expert in getting your dressing and stuffed animals from the wild discourses and just otvyazny stylist, able to saturate the poetry of even the most hopeless of scientific and philosophical maxim. All of the above competencies in the world of the novel «SNUFF» would be called with just one word "diskursmonger."

In this world (which is guessed for the distant future home planet) do a lot of vague and even far-familiar words of grotesque inside-meaning — what to do, humanity has survived the top of the technological and information development, the era of global wars, the coming of the savior, the Antichrist, and finally , divided into two unequal parts. On storing complex "ancient" technology "People" that inhabit the sterile Bizantium, levitating over the former Siberia artificial satellite "ofshar", the last of several built powers of the past. And orcs (or, as they call themselves, "Urkov") subjects Urkainskogo Urkaganata lying right under Bizantiumom barbaric, repressive and generally vile, according to the "people" and the orcs themselves and the state.

 The upper world is ruled by political correctness, freedom of unbridled sexual deviancy and other "Liberativnaya demokratura." The bottom is designed solely to cause disgust with mean glimpses of pity. Under the invisible, sensitive and delicately cynical leadership of "people" is huge and ugly orcs power from year to year heroically degraded to more significant shade proud beauty Bizantiuma civilization. And do not feed the high prices the top world resources, of course. And at the same time — ginger blood running in the hearts of jaded "people" scenes of savage violence, thoroughly seasoned sex. Staging of these actions have long merged with the "human" kind of news in the whole, the cultural phenomenon called SNUFF, in which only death and blood after centuries were not sham. Orc blood, of course.

 On the creation of snuff works a whole gigantic (and very powerful) industry, part of which is our narrator, combat pilot outworker, removing SNUFF using remote-controlled cameras fighter. Knight film and aerogun, reclining on pillows for "Manitou control." However, even in this world, people are people, and Pelevin — himself, and in the midst of this (painfully similar to ours) of the universe's will was a place for the classic tale of love (the robot) and revenge (quite human.) Which, however, only a tribute to the genre of a thick novel, in fact all relish «SNUFF» New topical Tomiko amusement Pelevin philosophical conversations with yourself. On the power and freedom, the artificial intelligence and irrational natures, of the women's inscrutable "suchestve" world government and, of course, about all sorts of mirages. About us ruling illusions, and other illusions that we miserable "Tangles of poorly written programs and worm-eaten", think of as "myself."       




Did I mention that perform the most complex and delicate task of the corporation. For example, to start another war with the orcs.

About them, of course, needs to be told at the beginning, and it will be clear where it came from that word.

Why are they called so? The point is not that we treat them with contempt and consider them racially inferior — such prejudices in our society do not. They are people just like us. Anyway, physically. The coincidence with the ancient word "orc" is purely accidental — although I note in a low voice, there are no coincidences.

The point here is their official language, which is called "upper-Central Siberia."

There is a science — "linguistic archeology", I was interested in it a little while studying orc proverbs and sayings. As a result, I still remember a lot of all sorts of interesting facts.

Before the collapse of America and China is no upper-Central Siberian language did not exist in nature. Invented in exploration narco-state Aztlan — when it became clear that the Chinese eco-kingdom, fighting with each other for the Great Wall, will not intervene in what is happening, if atstlanskie naguals decide to take a bite of the Siberian Republic. Aztlan went the traditional way — decided to break up into several Bantustans Siberia, forcing everyone to speak their own dialect.

These were times of general decline and degradation, so upper-inventing of Middle stoned hacks workers from the Black Sea, the salary which, as was customary in Atstlane, gave substance. They practiced the cult of the Second Messiah and in his memory composed of Middle-Upper-based Ukrainian with idishizmami — but for some reason (perhaps under the influence of substances) fastened to it very complicated grammar, wandering hard sign, and seven times gone by. And when inventing the phonetic system, added a "ukane" — apparently, nothing else had not occurred.

That's how they ukayut already three years old, if not all five. It has long been no Aztlan, or the Siberian republic — and the language remained. They say in life is Verhnerusskoe, and the official language of proceedings — Upper Central Siberia. This was strictl
y monitors its own Department of Cultural Expansion, and we kept looking. But watch out for is not really necessary, because the whole Orcish bureaucracy with the language feeds and throat for him peregryzet.

Orc bureaucrat first ten years of teaching the language, but then he is the lord of the world. Any paper must first be converted to upper-Central Siberia, and then credit the account, to get the upper-management to the resolution of the Central Siberian — and only then transferred back to asylum. And if the paper at least one error, it may declare null and void. All orc stolonachalstva and conversion tables — and they are there more than pigsties — with this live and grow fat.

In the spoken language of Middle-Upper barely penetrated. The only exception — the name of their country. They call it Urkainskim Urkaganatom or Urkainoy and himself — crooks (it seems to have altered them in a rush of "ukrov", though there are other philological hypothesis). In everyday parlance, the word "CRM" unpopular — it refers to the high pathos style is old-fashioned and a treasury. But it was from him and was tserkovnoangliyskoe "Orkland" and "orks".

Thieves, especially the city, which every cell of our culture and soak in all guided by us for many centuries to call themselves tserkovnoangliysky manner of orcs, however exaggerated "cursed." For them it is a way to protest against the authoritarian tyranny and highlight your choice of civilization. Our film industry is quite happy. Therefore, the word "orc" almost completely replaced the term "CRM" and even our news channels are beginning to call them "crooks" only when the clouds are gathering stories, and I give the command to take off.

When I say — "command to take off," it does not mean, of course, that I trust the first military attack. With this handle any newcomer. Trust me a shot at the temple celluloid for the pre-war news. Anyone in the information business understands what is important work.

In fact, over every war works great number of people, but their efforts are not visible to prying eyes. War usually starts when the orc power too badly (or they do not) crush another revolutionary protest. And another revolutionary protest happens, so come out when it's time to take a new batch Snaf. About once a year. Sometimes a little less. Many do not understand how the orc riots begin at exactly the right time. I myself, of course, for these do not watch — but the mechanics clear to me.

Fragment provided by the publisher "Penguin"

analogies are looking at themselves and ;-) Zatravochka klipets that should not be taken at the expense of our country, but worth it — at the expense of World Order. In general, Shmatritsa, gentlemen. Let's hope not extinct red pills on the Red Square)



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