Pension Southern in Adler expanded to 200 rooms

When entering the Adler district of Sochi built second stage pension "Southern" 4-star, 200 rooms. The current portion of pension and new development divided highway of federal importance — Lenin Street.


Authors: General designer — "Treydyunik SRL" (Italy) Authors stage "Project Documentation", LLC "PTAM Vissarionova" — Arch. YG Vissarionov (Supervisor), KM SAVKIN, SS Voronin, MA Cherniavskyi, DV Ziborov, TA Moskvina, etc.

The original version of the complex is not much different from being implemented.

View from the sea. Searched for a hotel complex tower LCD "Sea Symphony".



At present, construction works have been completed. Are finishing work, engineering networks are laid.

View from the federal highway (Lenin Street).

From the sea, railroad passes, along which there are noise barriers.

The compositionpension "Southern" includes:

  1. Multifunctional building with a total area of 15,000 m², including a 350-seat restaurant on the area of 3500 m²;
  2. Sport and wellness building with a total area of 1,400 m², with a gym and wellness facilities;
  3. Economic Zone, a total area of 1100 m², with garage parking for 50 government vehicles.
  4. Technical and beach facilities are included in the composition of the existing pension, about 6000 m².


The complex will host 280 guests at a time. As a part of the main building clerestory atrium lobby, a spacious restaurant with a banquet hall and a beach bar. From the central room, the reception you can get all the objects of the complex, whether it be a health unit or indoor pool or recreation area.


On the ground floor of the main building provides a central clerestory atrium lobby with reception area.

On the lower level is: bowling, billiard room, library, internet cafe, a games room for children. Of the lower tier of the main building, you can get in another part of the complex — functional health unit. Also provides for convenient connection with an indoor pool.


And a range of built fitness center with developed infrastructure, which includes items such as a water park, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, an aquarium, green areas for recreation with three treadmills and sports facilities, beach bars, restaurants, children's playground and landscaped green areas.


The main building is framed by a semicircle pool to which side of the building adjacent lounge restaurant. The floors of the complex increased from 1 to 8 floors. The maximum number of storeys is offset from the axis of the south-eastern part — this was done to improve the performance of species numbers.

From the 3rd to the 7th floor are one-and two-bed rooms.

On the 7th and 8th floors, deluxe rooms and suites.

To hotel guests was convenient to go down to the sea, or vice versa rise to Lenin Street, Bude operate a cable car. All agencies of the complex is easily accessible with limited mobility of citizens.


The hotel complex "Southern" will comply with all "Green" standards. Apply a high level of thermal insulation with modern high-performance materials, as well as double facades with high thermal insulation, heat recovery air conditioning system and wastewater treatment, energy efficient windows and engineering equipment. To use the inexhaustible solar energy use modular and solar collectors. Collection and consumption of rainwater, separate system of technical and drinking water supply, will allow efficient use of fresh water resources. In the parking lot of the complex provides for automatic parking systems.

New hotel complex "Southern" adequately replenish the number of rooms in the city of Sochi.

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