Penza farmers brought white variety of lentils

A unique discovery Penza farmers brought white variety of lentils. 

The latest novelty in the field of agriculture — sort of white lentils. Head of the Agricultural Research Institute, based on which breeders of Lunino brought a new variety of legumes, calls this a unique achievement. "Man has always sought to some exotic. There are varieties of lentils: green, red. We did manage to bring a new variety of lentils — Belozernaya. First, it is more aesthetically looks good and, most importantly, do not turn brown. Because all the other varieties when cooked becomes brown, and it's not really good, "- said the director of the Research Institute of Penza Alexander Smirnov.
Harvest lentil technologically difficult. Therefore, in this case has already developed a new method. Crop sown with Ryzhik summer and as a result get a double harvest. The main crops of lentils are concentrated in Saratov, Samara and Volgograd regions. In Penza — only 5-6 thousand hectares. To increase productivity, according to the governor and minister of agriculture, it is necessary to adopt a more successful experience in this case farmers.

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