Perinatal Center opened in Elista (Kalmykia) Refurbished

Perinatal Center, which will help to foster premature infants weighing a pound, opened after a major overhaul in Elista. Center has 140 beds and is designed to provide specialized medical care in obstetrics and management of pregnancies with complications.

Repair lasted about eight months and cost nearly 140 million of which 15.9 million — is the means of the regional budget.

In addition, 45 million bought a specialized medical equipment for neonatal resuscitation, ventilators, ultrasound machines, endoscopic rack equipment for central sterilization department and other medical equipment. 

The center is equipped with central air conditioning, autonomous energy supply. Completely replacing the water supply, sewage and electricity. There have also been replaced with medical and freight elevators, equipped with the Chamber co-host of mothers and children, the individual ancestral halls.

According to the authorities, the work of an updated medical facilities will reduce maternal and infant mortality, perinatal loss.

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